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Poverty Reduction through Political Accountability !

This is the theme,the credo,the mission,the goal of The BORGEN Project.The Borgen Project is a campaign that is bringing political attention to severe poverty.Based in Seattle,WA it was founded by Clint Borgen with vision ” We’re creating a political force for the world’s poor. We’re building a powerful poverty-reduction movement that can champion humanitarian causes.” .

The Core Components of The Borgen Project are :
1-The Global Campaign .
2-The Political Force .
3-The Issue Messaging Machine .

The Borgen Project is putting pressure on U.S. leaders to achieve the plan they already agreed to. The plan to end world hunger,the plan officially called U.N. Millennium Development Goals .
The Borgen Project needs volunteers to contribute by calling their Congressional leaders for 15seconds and tell them about Borgen Project and the need to address and increase funding for
global poverty.This is going to create a huge impact.
The Borgen Project has significantly contributed by bringing this global issue in the eyes of U.S. Politicians and will continue to do so…