Sixth Element – My Company !

Hello Everyone,WELCOME to..

Sixth Element Inc .*


[This page is out of date, needs updating]

Now,what is it ?
Its My unofficial Consultancy/Strategy Company,which I launched on Nov 6’08 – my Birthday .

Why this name ?
After the 5 natural elements in nature namely : the earth, water, fire, air and space. Sixth Element will offer its services for free ..The credo of the company being “Feel FREE,to get FREE” ..

What kind of services this company intends to offer .. ?
This is a Strategy building/Consultancy company,and will be offering Consultancy to all web based companies/firms about improving Strategies,Marketing skills,IDEAS,add-ons and lots more like EXTRA REVENUE GENERATION strategies.The company also loves helping new and aspiring Entrepreneurs in their b-plans etc.
The company also intends to help Political candidates/Campaign managers or volunteers globally with their campaign in devising ways to spread the word and generate more traffic on their website to enhance more $ contribution .Any thing on Web,will be loved by company.Please see “Notes/Facts/Disclaimer” below, before reading further.

This website/blog seems to be more of a campaign website and less business oriented ,also with very Republican impact here,does the company favors them more than Democrat supporters ?
On one thing you are right that this seems to be a campaign website,and the reason is because it actually was.And its in process of transformation.But you are very very wrong if you think I will favor Republican “supporters” more than Democrat in any ways.Its just a Political view and outlook, nothing else.Had people in America thought that way, the country would have never been United and worked together,Political views has nothing to do with this company at all,WEB is global and so are my views .I have lots of Democrat supporting friends and we have no differences at all .Just because I have a Republican political view shouldn’t stop us from working together and being friends,right ? The company invites everybody from any part of world,to gain FREE services .Feel FREE,to get FREE !!

SEO!,you did not mention that ? Don’t you do that ?
Well,what I see is that SEO is something everybody on Web does and lots of material on web already exists.The real thing is IDEAS + Strategy .

Why FREE ? Any thing hidden ?
Its FREE,because I like helping Entrepreneurs as part of my passion for Entrepreneurship and think that basic help which can improve their business growth shouldn’t be charged.I rather prefer developing good relations and connections with people in Industry and Government.
In terms of money ,nothing is hidden ..”BUT” beyond normal help in strategies/ideas etc ,extra services won’t be free (I’ll let you know when I do that and what that means-shoot me an email).
The free help will give you glimpse, if its worth spending money here !! and I am sure,you won’t regret..

Who is the founder ? How many people are running this company ?
I,Rajan Vaish,am the founder of this company .My Linkedin Profile can be viewed here .Its a one man company .

What is the guarantee of success ?
There is no guarantee of success ,but the company will try best to benefit you and your web company or campaign.Any concept of MoneyBack guarantee is joke for us,since company’s services are for FREE.

Why you ? Whats so special in your company ?
Why us?,right! Well,first ..because you ain’t going to loose a buck on this deal but with some strategies and new Ideas you might earn lots.And that makes this company so special,you pay thousands of $s to Strategy/Consultancy companies..and even the best can fail.So,why not try something for free..Whats the harm ?

What experience the founder has in the field ?
Well I accept the fact that I ain’t very experienced than most of you who might be reading this,but then I feel that I can help you in Ideas generation for whatever Web Company you own on the basis of my observation and thoughts.In terms of experience you might want to check my Linkedin Profile .In fact,I will be posting some of Ideas or glimpse of them ASAP ..Stay in touch ..

What about Privacy issues ? What if I want Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed before any talks or for that sake any legal document ?
Signing any Non Disclosure Agreement for my FREE services needs some talking,we can figure that out.The company is simply a suggestion company and will give the same on the basis of information you provide at your own free will.The company can even suggest you on the very basis of your business model/concept without going into very detail.So you can relax,with just letting company know that you own a web company dealing with XYZ concept.

I am not an Entrepreneur yet,but I intend to be very soon.Can you be of any help ?
Sure! ,I am not an Entrepreneur either,I am in the making too I understand the need of IDEAS and its value and help in b-plans too.See what this company offers in services above, for more details.

What if ,I intend to partner with your company ?
Sure! ,Please check the ways to contact me,below .Depends on the Company’s area of concentration.

What if ,I intend to hire the founder of company ?
Sure! ,Please check the ways to contact me,below .Depends on the task though .

What is the timeline/dealine criteria ,etc ?

I am still a student,and busy with my Final year project and some research work which consumes maximum time of mine.Any time beyond that will be dedicated to company’s task hence it lots depends on the amount of pending tasks and work load,though URGENT tasks might have higher preference.We can figure that out.

I am interested/have questions,how can I contact ?
Sounds great !,you can contact company by :
Email : vaish.rajan {- at -}
Want to chat online ?
GoogleTalk : vaish.rajan
AIM : vaishrajan
MSN/Yahoo! : rajan.vaish {- at -}
Phone : 091 – 921 884 1724 (Do prefix INDIA code,if you happen to be outside INDIA.)
or Post your Comment below.

I am on Facebook ,MySpace,Linkedin too !!

*NOTE/FACTS/DISCLAIMER – This company is not legally founded and is virtual in nature.This company is neither incorporated nor registered by any Authorized body.The “Inc.” appended in the name “Sixth Element” carries no significance at all.The company is just an attempt to give my interests pretty formal shape,an opportunity to help,an opportunity to learn.As a matter of fact this company does not exist,its just a concept which I call “Sixth Element Inc.” and/or “Company” .Any loss incurred by the client company due to company etc ,is not my responsibility and so client is advised to self asses the same.Please don’t share confidential data or information with the company. This page will be updated regularly by making it very user friendly and with more details into it.Thank you – Rajan Vaish .


5 comments so far

  1. Amit Saraswat on

    What all will be expected from me if I want to join Sixth Sense Inc.* ?

  2. Abhishek Tiwari on

    Hey Congratulations, your all successful innovative endeavors did demand a step towards entrepreneurship! .. and voila there you are!
    Wish you all the very best with this initiative.
    God Bless.

  3. Rajan on

    Thanks Abhishek,really appreciate that.Amit,first its Sixth Element! and when you say “join”,what exactly you meant ? Please explain to help you better.Shoot me an email.Thanks for taking interest 🙂

  4. Yahoo on

    This is awesome Rajan! 🙂

  5. Todd Kelsey on

    Rajan, look forward to working with you. I believe people need to work together to establish contacts and pool resources that can then generate revenue to help everyone pay rent. Personally I think it would be nice to work with developers from India and other countries who may be out of a job with the demise of the U.S. financial sector, and looking for something to do that could eventually generate revenue, and demonstrate continuous employment. Maybe some of the projects we’ve discussed could present opportunities for others.

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