McCain-Palin’08 & Me !

Out of desire to understand US democratic and electoral system, and the dynamics involved which effects US citizens and the world. I contributed to the U.S. Presidential campaign for John McCain from May’08 to Nov’08 through as Super Admin/ Blogger/ Strategist, Technical adviser at LGTR and worked with many popular Bloggers/Strategists/McCainians like Stephen Maloney, Ali A. Akbar, Andy Card, Noel Teo, Brad Marston and Sheridan Folger and the list goes on.
During the same I also volunteered online for some Republican candidates in CA, PA, MA, NY, MN.And post elections would continue with my volunteering activity for any related cause directly/indirectly .I am glad that even due to tight campaign, following Candidates won for the office they were running for, whom I was in touch with – directly/indirectly .
*Ann Clemmer is now Arkansas State Representative .
*Scott Brown is again Massachusetts State Senator.
*Dennis Lennox is now State Representative.
*Virginia Foxx is again Congresswoman from NC.
*Bob Huff is California’s State Senator from Assemblyman.
*Roger Niello is again California’s Assemblyman .
*Joel Anderson is again California’s Assemblyman .
*Thaddeus McCotter is again Congressman from Michigan.
A BIG Congratulations to them !! .In the race,however there are 3 ladies who in spite of their great talent and dedication for the society and amongst my favorites could not make it .They are one of the most modest,down to earth and eligible women .My salutes to them ,they being :
*Harmeet Kaur Dhillon for CA State Assembly .
*Barb Davis White from MN for Congress .
*Toni Gilhooley from PA for Congress.
I am on various NING networks as well .
*Rebuild the Party
*John McCain 2008 .
*Team Sarah .
*Conservative Talk .
and connected directly/indirectly with ..
*Indians for McCain .
*HipHopRepublican .
*Modern Conservative .
*McCainNow .
*Let’s Get This Right .
*Wake up America Movement .
with my favorite blogs being of ..
*Stephen Maloney .
*Ali Akbar .
*Meghan McCain and few more,will add soon.
First I posted some of my blogs here then started with fresh one’s.Got more than 750 views within a month of campaign. Overall it was a great learning and networking experience. I connected with some of the most awesome people in the area, and understood aspects of democracy no where written in text books. I think this is maximum I could have done sitting ten thousand miles away from the place of action. I look forward to use my learnings for some good social cause some day.

Autograph of John McCain to me, on book “Man of the People” .Shipped to me by Andi (President of non-profit Historical Society, NH) and a very very great friend of mine ,love her ❤

Post Elections you can browse all my BLOGS here related to the campaign .

DISCLAIMER for John McCain volunteering activity on this blog.
This is a personal web blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my Employer(past,present or future) or University.My blogs for John McCain & other Politicians running for various offices are not endorsed by anybody , its part of my unofficial online volunteering activity.If there is anything offensive and inappropriate found(content,intent,links) or there exists any copyright/privacy issues related to any of my blog’s content please let me know and it shall be removed – Rajan Vaish.


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  1. Andi on

    So far what I’ve read is great, your doing an awesome job with your new site, I will continue to look at it and let you know what I think.

    Again great job.

  2. Frasypoo on

    Another fellow Republican with good common sense!

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