The Mark Cuban Stimulus Plan !

In response to this from Mark Cuban ,here is my Synopsis of B-Plan in the form of a comment !!

Hi Mark,
Thanks for this cool and great opportunity !!
I am Rajan from India,a major in Computer Science (graduating May’09),with no problem in RE-LOCATION.Looking your rules remind me of a concept I thought about after Terrorist Attacks in Mumbai.



Meaning: Not literally,but yea the features added will make 911 Emergency Services useless.

Jobs:Will offer thousands of JOBS globally.

Revenue/Profits:I promise you,you won’t have to wait even 60 days after its launched.

Setup Time:Will take bit long,at least 6 months,to be operational city wise (Developing and Infrastructure setting up),once launched,it’s kind of one time investment apart from expansion and improvement.

Causes: REDUCING CRIME TO A GREAT GREAT EXTENT, HELPS PREVENTING TERRORISM, and HELPS CATCHING FUGITIVES AND CRIMINALS and at the same time, can be used for Entertainment purposes (for extra costs) and Ads Independent + Creating hundreds and thousands of jobs globally.

If you thing Youtube,911 Emergency Services etc as next big thing,,THIS COULD BE NEXT.
Now, whats the IDEA ? :
Ever wondered the possibilities of a cell phone, in the prevention of crime? Yes, many of you do. How? If someone attacks you, you dial emergency services (like 911) and ask for help, but then it might take like 15 to 30 seconds at times to report etc. What else? Take a very simple example, have you seen movie “Taken”? If not, please do see it .Let me brief it a bit – “a girl is taken, but at the same time, she reports every detail about the kidnapper to her dad who is an ex-Intelligence officer and on that basis the kidnapper is traced and girl is saved” ,it’s a movie and pretty fictional but the point is that girl was lucky enough to convey her message runtime without any delay to her dad and that saved her, had she depended on gun ( she could have harmed herself too ),had she depended on 911 (it could have taken long enough or she could never had a chance) .So, everything revolves around time latency/delay and the amount/form of information conveyed.
It will be a software,installed in one’s cell phone ( on subscription basis ),giving it the power to fight crime/protection ,backed up by a smart Infrastructure,which will help making this all, very much possible.
If AT&T and Verizon makes 10,it won’t make less than 6 after an year of launch globally.I foresee it ,that BIG !!
If the synopsis impressed you,please shoot me an email for details.Sorry for the brevity .Please let me know any doubt or further queries through email or comments here and I will be more than happy to discuss the same.

Thank you !! Thank you again for this cool thing here ..I am an OpenSource guy,having done online internship at One Laptop Per Child (OLPC – MIT Media Labs) .I have almost a DOZEN of IDEAS which are truly INNOVATIVE,Innovative to the extent that they face 0 competitors..All technology based..
p.s:If you intend for only US based ventures,I won’t have any problem moving/relocating post may’09 i.e after graduation.


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