Ideas to Company !

Hmm,so if you are reading this,you probably know something about me.If nothing,then let me introduce myself in few sentences.I am Rajan ,a Computer Science major who lately got interested in Entrepreneurship and after volunteering for McCain campaign got interested into U.S. Politics with love for Computer Science and related forever.
I think I have a quality, and its THINKING ,thinking beyond BOX. My self build inspirational line being “Think BIG,to grow BIG” displayed under the title “Rajan’s School of THOUGHT” here shows how much I love thinking,but thinking what and when ? Right,I think about IDEAS which can bring difference to World through WEB and do that whenever I am free or I am asked to.
For last few months I have been in touch with few CEOs of Web Companies and helped them giving some Ideas to help their web company in terms of drawing traffic/revenue.Even,during my Online volunteering activity for Presidential campaign instead of attacking any candidate or something,I tried to help building strategies and ways to draw people to candidate’s/other website(s) and stick to the same.Almost all my old blog entries here are related to the same and some I used one-on-one through emails.Lately I also participated at Google’s Project 10^100 and Knight’s News Challenge .
After all this,I just thought of giving my interest pretty formal shape by starting a service which I can call a company.With $0 investment and $0 expectations ,here it is THE SIXTH ELEMENT .Its not registered or anything,its very informal concept with formal intentions.A way to connect/help/learn and more.Web companies spend Million of dollars on the same,its just a free and light version of the same ,all ready for Beta testing 🙂


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  1. Frasypoo on

    Hi Rajan
    You definitely think outside the box by supporting McCain which goes against most Indian beliefs.
    Hope you do well with The Sixth Element

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