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10 things you can do before/on Nov4 to bring people out to Vote !!

So! ,less than 5 days left .. and I am sure most of Americans have made up their mind as in ,whom to vote for .The race for White House is tightest ever , but we should keep in mind “Not to trust any Polls” ,they are nothing more than an illusion …Even now,there are several people who are undecided/independent and many who intend not to vote ..
And as of now,our target must be to bring them out to vote ,VOTE for America !!
Here are some thoughts which came to me while I was attending a boring lecture of mine,so I penned them down and would like to share the same ..

Thing 1 – On the day of election,take with you 3 other people from different families ,perhaps 3 families itself .A chain of 3 can help connect whole nation.Best would be,if you can take with you people who were confused or not willing to vote .

Thing 2 – This one is for girls 😛 ,well !! girls do ask your guy/boy friend(s) to vote and might accompany you.Its a fact ,guys will take talk from girl more seriously than some talk from just another guy.

Thing 3 – Use your Phone answering machine as a tool to convey your message to vote,you can use your home phones for this purpose and tell people calling you that you will be voting on Nov4 and want the person calling to vote too.In a funny tone,you might want to add that if the person calling wants to hear from you,he/she must pledge to vote 🙂

Thing 4 – Okay!!,if you run a company,ask your employees to vote or if you are a Professor/Teacher ask your eligible students to vote,I mean you can always request someone below in hierarchy to vote,the things can be taken vice-versa too.Say,if a student knows that his teacher does not vote or is fed up with current Political situation,he/she can ask for the same.This will perhaps carry more impact.

Thing 5 – Now,this one is very easy to do,but bit tedious to implement.What I mean to say is that create some Posters(2 types) ,1-simple ones using RED-BLUE color (with more Red into it) such that you appear to be independent while 2-McCain posters ..Now search for locations where people tend to queue or stand for a while like Supermarket’s cash counter place,Gas station,etc etc and with permission of owner just paste the same ,if he is a McCainiac paste the McCain poster else keeping our prime objective open ,ask them to vote !! Here,Let the Color speak ..
Now,if you are pretty creative you can create the Comics style poster,with cartoons thing etc,so that it catches eye and people give few seconds to it ..

Thing 6 – Halloween !!,don’t miss the opportunity to use this awesome day for such a good purpose to save the Democracy of AMERICA.Simple Angel/Evil – Voter/Non Voter analogy can be used and posters etc can be set up in the Halloween costume shops.Also during celebration,something creative can be thought of.

Thing 7 – Edit/Create a signature in your Personal emails,Facebook/MySpace Status messages,IM status message etc and try to spread the word and convey your thoughts on the importance of voter.Best is, make feel as if voters are the winners while people not voting are loosers “L” .

Thing 8 – Promote your brand image,o! yes .. you can improve your brand image if all your employees have pledged to vote.You can create posters etc (If you are an entrepreneur ) and ask people to vote + let them know that “This company employs employees ,cent% of whom have pledged to vote” ,its kind of way the companies feel proud of them being green.

Thing 9 – Collect some money or something and try posting an Ad to vote! on some Financial News papers,such that it gives impression that every vote counts and a good government is need of the hour and to take America out of current financial crisis .

Thing 10 – You can ask,as a group or society,club etc to the owners of Cinema Halls,Theaters etc to post at least a TEXT Ad before the beginning of movie,this will target youth etc who many times just don’t care about voting and take it casually .But the Ad must be inspiring enough(even Text) such that it helps people motivating.Since,its not promotion rather something for countries benefit.I believe that Cinema Theater owners etc won’t mind the same and might even do the same for free..

So,these were some points,some thoughts of mine ..some easy,some bit tedious.. but might eventually help get the purpose solved to some extent ..
Hope it helps.


Victory’08 – for Candidates/Volunteers !

Hi everyone ,with almost just a week left for elections ,things need to speed up.Both campaigns are working day-night to get things done and win the most crucial and important election America has ever witnessed .Its so close that no one can predict whats next ..
Every day new turns and twists are witnessed .But its time to gear up …
In this post I want to give some tips to enhance the websites of candidates which can have more influential impact on people.This is the week when candidates running for various offices will receive maximum traffic since it has been launched ,its natural ..its like school exams, where students do their last moment studies ,,just in this case students are people ..they will be browsing by websites of all candidates running for various offices in their district …and deciding their verdict .Specially Independents/Confused voters and people who are not intending to even vote .Note,this is not a small set of people …almost 10% of U.S. population lies in this category and that means lots when it comes to crucial elections like this .
Now ,when I say its for enhancement of candidate’s website,why am I addressing volunteers ?,the reason being to spread the word and reach out these tips to the campaign offices of the same .. For example you want to help candidates of CA,you can visit this website ,check out the website of various candidates and email them with link to this post .As simple as that ..
Now,you might also be thinking that web development during this last moment of time will consume some time and not such a good idea.Well,folks the stuff I am going to mention here won’t take more time than emailing a simple email .. Its so simple.. kind of just typing and copy-paste .I’ll help more on that if asked ..
Lots of talking done,back to topic :

TIP 1 – Create FAQs : This is the last week,people don’t have time to read all the stuff on website and browse by every article and pages to choose their candidates,they’ll try to just rapid fire it and we need to present the way they want to read .
Posting a FAQ will help them answer questions they always wanted to ask and probability of their being convinced will increase.Nothing could be better.. Now,how to do it ? Easy! ,simply the campaigners can ask various questions from general people point of view and candidate can answer the same at the same time it can be typed and posted on the website .. See,how simple !!

TIP 2 – Posting Video : Even now,many candidates don’t have videos posted in their website.Now,people actually want them speak .A video can do what entire page’s text can’t .Posting a video on YouTube is hardly a matter of 5 minutes,again simple ..

TIP 3 – Clarify TAX schemes : Just saying “we’ll reduce tax” isn’t going to work actually .People want to see how ? For eg: few months back I suggested the same to Toni Gilhooley for Congress and her campaign manager did it for her .. A simple calculation,but now makes so much sense …

TIP 4 – Target people : Targeting people is really really must ,how can that be done ? Again it needs some simple typing with Candidate’s help.Target type of users,as in Entrepreneurs,Middle class,Unemployed,students, etc etc i.e on the basis of their occupation and post details about the same,as in how Candidate’s policies are going to benefit them .. This will help big time,as a student will look for his category,an Entrepreneur for his etc etc ..

TIP 5 – An active inquiry cell : I think even after so many features installed in the website,people might have some unanswered questions .. So,to solve the issue a very active inquiry cell must be deployed assisting in any query they need .. Answering withing 6 hours ( i.e 24/4 ) ,that will be the edge ..

Amongst extra TIPS,something more like this can be done too .. >
TIP 6 – Create/Update Wikipedia/Congresspedia pages : People love to use them as reference,inspite of official homepages/websites of candidates etc ..

TIP 7 – Use an Image of $1/$10 etc on Contribution/Donation page : This will encourage small but many many donations ,hence increasing the total eventually . Its kind of reading human mind ..

Lots more can be done and thought of,but these are primary..If I think of something else,I’ll post it here itself .. And taking time into consideration ,all these 5 tips if implemented seriously won’t take more than half a working day ..
Post Comment or Email me in case any query.
Hope it helps !!

Let United States of America be United post Elections ..

In the most fierce/close/important elections of U.S. history .. we are witnessing as if country is dividing into two groups RED-BLUE .And for the first time people are taking it personally ,never in the past were emotions so deep .
In my personal experience ,my Democrat friends often start arguing on various issues with preset mind of not getting convinced on IM or Email .. and they get so heat up that I have to respond “cool! cool!” ,I mean this election is kind of creating difference and two set of people with different views .The latest AOL Polls show the competition is really really close where McCain : Obama ratio = 43:44 ,that means with the win of one,a big big lot will be disappointed ,which is not good actually .But having a closer look at the same we see that 43+44=87 and 100-87=13 that means 13% of U.S. population hasn’t decided yet .. now 13% is a big big figure and can not be ignored and it consists of undecided/confused/independent voters + many citizens who have decided not to vote because they just trust Government and are fed up with the Politics .
Need of the hour is to convince them to vote at least ,their every vote is going to make the difference and increase the margin of ratio ,say of 13 even if 9-10% of people turn out to vote the ratio could be highly justified as some one winning with real majority.And this must happen ,else post election at least for sometime people will have sense of grievance against opposite party supporter .
And thats not done,apart from that ,to reduce the chances of any such circumstances everybody must be polite to everybody else .. try convincing a person/friend to the extent,that he/she is listening and discussing/debating (not arguing ).Because thats kind of bad,it will be kind of intrusion to his/her beliefs .
The thing is that right President will be chosen only when all people turn out to vote .Try taking care of not pushing your views on someone.Do it until he/she encourages the same and loves to participate in healthy discussion .Do not ever point out your friends etc as Democrats/Republicans especially not in front of them.Remember ,these are just parties might want to call them as liberals/conservatives of course .Because these are views ..These simple steps will help lessening the grievances post elections against opposite party supporter .
In this post,I wasn’t supporting McCain or Obama ,I just foresaw the situation after Nov4’08 and wanted to discuss with you people so that things continue to move as they are normally .
Hope it helps …

The California Cream …

In my earlier post America’s Most Wanted I talked about the candidates from various part of America, running for various offices and whom I am in touch with directly/indirectly .
In this post,I concentrate on the State of CALIFORNIA … My favorite in America,due to obvious reasons ..The post also intends to throw light on the diversity of Republican Party ,which many say is only White’s thing ..I’ll feature 2 of the candidates running for State Assembly/Senate ,who inherit their family background from India & Sri Lanka namely Harmeet K. Dhillon & Sashi McEntee respectively.
So, lets begin …

1-Harmeet K. Dhillon for State Assembly – Harmeet ,is one of my favorite candidates running for any office in America ..though let me tell you again..she is running for California State Assembly and is a Republican candidate representing California’s 13th District.This is kind of my 3rd post for her ,earlier being here and here .The reason why she is amongst my favorite is that she respects Entrepreneurship and is determined to bring positive changes to the system to encourage the same,which will further benefit in Employment and lots other direct/indirect dependents .She is a lawyer and understands system like no other,in terms of ability she ranks much higher than her counterpart .
It has been kind of a tradition for Indian Americans to vote for Democrats ,but its time to re-think ,re-think on the basis of candidate and not party alone.And even if they think on the basis of Party,,Indian Americans need to take into consideration the strong relationships between U.S. and India during Bush Regime,biggest among them of course is the Nuclear Deal signed lately.
You can know her stands on various issues here .

2-Sashi McEntee for State Senate – Sashi will be representing Sonoma,Marin and San Francisco counties .. Sashi was raised in LA by her Sri Lankan parents .When earlier I said that Harmeet was one of my favorite candidates that meant for sure that there exists few more.Sashi is one of them ,and you know the reason why ? O! yes .. Sashi belongs to a family of entrepreneurs, Sashi’s parents instilled in her the values of smart business, individual freedom and personal responsibility. As a community leader, Sashi serves on several boards and committees, including the ODC/Dance Board of Directors, Bank of San Francisco Advisory Board and the Shelter Ridge Homeowners Association Board of Directors.
This makes Sashi as one of the most eligible candidates of the region .
She has committed to take serious actions on these 4 issues ,namely :
*Education ( CA – The land of Stanford,UCB,UCLA & many more)
*Health Care
*Business-Friendly Budget Reform .
More about the same can be seen here .

3- Dean Andal for Congress – Dean is a Republican candidate for US Congress in California’s 11th District.He co-chaired the tax policy group for Governor Schwarzenegger’s transition team, and served as a trustee for the San Joaquin County Board of Education and the Lincoln Unified School District. He also served on the San Joaquin County Child Abuse Prevention Council, and was a member of the Employer Support Council for the U.S. National Guard.
Amongst his AGENDAS ,Energy lies amongst the top ,and he intends to make America Energy Independent by :
*Permitting New domestic oil exploration
*Encourage businesses and consumers to “go green”
*Speed the development of alternative energy
*Bring new energy plants and projects on-line faster
*Toughen federal energy-efficiency standards
This not only shows his farsightedness but his concern about one of the Counties most important issues.His other stands on various issues can be seen here .

4 – Thomas Vidal for State Assembly – Thomas is a Republican candidate for State Assembly in California’s 53rd District.
Thomas is campaigning for the State Assembly because we need someone who will secure California’s future by tackling the big issues, like inefficient spending, which has resulted in a $16 billion budget shortfall; ineffective health-care policies that prevent access to affordable, high-quality medical care; and needlessly complex regulations that make it nearly impossible for California businesses to compete in the global marketplace and provide better job opportunities for all Californians. We need a visionary leader who has the creativity and discipline to implement that vision, someone who can build consensus around problem solving rather than conducting “politics as usual,” someone who can steer California on a path to prosperity without sacrificing the moral high-ground.
More on his stand on various issues,you might want to read here .

5- Gary Jeandron for the state Assembly – Former Palm Springs Police Chief Gary Jeandron has a lifetime commitment to the communities of the Desert and is running for State Assembly .
Gary being into Police has always learned to protect people and he is committed to continue doing so ,He has addressed most important issues like :
*Revive Economy.
*Fiscal Responsibility.
*Better Education.
*Safe Streets and Schools.
*Expanding Health Care and Benefits.
*Energy and Environment.
More on his issues can be read here .

This post is not complete as such,I might add more Bios soon .Stay updated ..

Reaching out to Voters ! – Some Tips ..

With less than 2 weeks left ,its very crucial for the campaign that maximum people turn up to vote .In 2006 11 million less people went to the polls and voted GOP than in 2002.In this historical election every single vote counts and atleast need is to bring these 11 million people out of their homes and convince them to vote .
The reason they did not vote was their grievances against government ,political scenario and they were totally confused .To prevent the same this year The John McCain campaign has launched Voter2Voter PHONE BANK System which encourages volunteers and every responsible citizen to call people using details and data mentioned in the website .. And try convincing undecided/independent people to vote for McCain ..Now,this is working .. but not as much as expected.Reason ? , Many don’t want to call strangers ,many won’t listen to them ,some are shy,some don’t want to waste phone minutes ..

But then to every problem lies a solution ,and I discovered very simple and effective solution to the same .. Which is, use your Facebook & MySpace friend lists as your database . Now,nothing much to do .. simply start browsing your friend’s profiles ( I know many of you might be having even more than 500+ friends on the same ) and check their Political Views on Facebook ( on MySpace,he/she might/might not have mentioned about the same but then you can guess the same from stickers etc thing .. also,one might not even mention the same on Facebook even) …Then for the people with Conservative / Republican views simply skip , because they are one who will be voting for sure for McCain.Also skip friends with very liberal/Democratic views(because they have made up their mind to vote for Obama).. Task is to look for friends who have mentioned nothing ( shows they are undecided/confused)..or who are not very liberal or Independents.Target them by looking their contact numbers and call them …and here comes your speaking and convincing skills ,convincing someone undecided/independent with an advantage that he/she being your friend … Now ,many of you might be having lots of Online friends too.. and according to me,calling them wont be a bad idea from any sense .Infact sometimes Online friends prove to be more helpful and you can sometimes even share your views which you can’t do with friends in real .. That’s a fact tested by me atleast .. 😉

If the person other side is convinced ,thats really a victory for you and you can for sure ask him/her to follow what you are doing .This will create friends2friends chain which is even better than voter2voter chain system,I guess .. will help target right people,save time and minutes of your phone.
Last but not the least,you’ll develop stronger bond with friends .. May be in process you find some old friend of yours whom you did not contacted for long .. !!!
And then,you can always E-mail your friends (try BCC them ),this will work much more effectively than CC.And if you start sending emails using “To”,it will take ages if your Address book is large !!
During the chat you can talk about importance of voting and that even a single vote matters,you can mention the real story from India,where due to single vote ..the Government was dissolved and this lead to re-elections ..You can talk lots on this .. comparing several policies etc .. No limit to it .. !
Hope it helped 🙂

America’s Most Wanted !

Attention People!! ,Here is the list and short bio of various candidates running for various offices across America ,and America needs them now,American citizens need them now for their new & improved lives ! – hence the title of blog ..America is facing one of the most severe crisis in recent times and needs power full leaders to run the country and take it out of current situation ..
I am mentioning few of them here ,, some for State Assemblies,some for State Senate ,while some for District Attorney .etc etc.. together they are going to make the difference .. Now,you might be wondering the criteria chosen by me to shortlist the candidates ..well its FAR FROM BEING SCIENTIFIC or something ,infact it might initially sound stupid but eventually you’ll realize it actually isn’t .
I am mentioning the name of candidates here whom I am in touch with “directly/indirectly” .. Now what does this suppose to mean and matter ? As a matter of fact,it actually does ..
Let me explain : Say there are 2 people whom you know and have read/heard a lot about them on news/blogs etc .Now,say you actually get an opportunity to interact directly/indirectly to one of them .So,whom do you know more/better eventually ? Obviously ! the the person whom you interacted with ..right ? Now,this is not guaranteed that after interacting you have a positive outlook,it might be negative as!!. but then you can judge better !! Similar is my case,After volunteering for the campaign I came across various candidates for various offices in various states of America.. And the one’s who actually deserve to win as I felt are these :……

1-Ann Clemmer for State Representative (Arkansas ) -After many years teaching government and political science at University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Ann is running for state representative and she needs votes from all residents in District 29 of Saline County,AR .The reason she got into politics was to actually and practically implement what she has been teaching for years to hundreds of students .. and she keenly picks up some of the very important issues like
Improving Educational Opportunities by :
· Support state tax credits for college and vocational tuition
· Support Transparency in budgeting and academic reporting for all public schools.
· Support school choice
Education being the most vital aspect for the future of America and strength of Ann ,needs to be reformed and made such that all get equal opportunity to have it .You might want to read more ..

2-Tom Casperson for Congress – Tom is a Republican member of the Michigan State House of Representatives, representing the 108th district, which is located in the Upper Peninsula and includes Delta County, Menominee County, and Dickinson County.
With an awesome history in past elections ..Tom actually represents people and is loved by them ..what more proof is needed ? ,when a person is elected for State House 3 times in series.
*2006 campaign for State House
Tom Casperson (R), 55%
Judy Nerat (D), 44%
*2004 campaign for State House
Tom Casperson (R), 68%
Dennis Baldinelli (D), 31%
*2002 campaign for State House
Tom Casperson (R), 51%
Laurie Stupak (D), 48%
With his great experience and love for country,he has a dedicated view on various burning issues .You can read the same here and vote the man,who has shown people’s love for him for last so many years ..

3-Keith Fimian for Congress – Keith Fimian is the Republican candidate for the United States House of Representatives from Virginia’s 11th congressional district.
Keith is not a career politician but his experience as the Chairman and Founder of U.S. Inspect, the nation’s largest provider of property inspections and love for country asked him to run for this office.You might want to know more about his views on various Issues here .

4-Kieran Michael Lalor for Congress – Kieran Michael Lalor is the Republican candidate in the 2008 congressional elections for the 19th Congressional District of New York.
Lalor is the founder of Iraq Vets for Congress, a group of Republicans Congressional candidates who served in Iraq.He fought in Iraq,and took the war personally because his sister was one of the escapee on 9/11 Attacks.He has been National Security Activist and was involved in Hurricane Katrina Rescue Mission.His views on various issues can be viewed here.

5-Scott Brown for Senate – Scott P. Brown is a Republican Massachusetts State Senator representing the Norfolk County, Massachusetts, and Middlesex districts since 2004. He has stood firm to implement common sense reforms that will make state government more efficient and responsive to people, the taxpayers.
In his website here,he has asked for people’s suggestions as in what they feel is most important for MA ,its really nice to frame issues on the basis of that because thats what true democracy is for .

6-Thaddeus McCotter for Congress – He currently represents the Michigan’s 11th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives. More on his campaign can be see here .His stand on the Bail out was this – “The voice of the Main Street has been heeded and obeyed by Congress. Americans said “No!” to the Paulson bailout. Now, let our work commence in earnest and prudence on behalf of the American people. In this time of economic difficulty and uncertainty, the people never panicked. Neither should their elected servants”

7-Barb Davis White for Congress -Barb Davis White is the Republican candidate in the 2008 congressional elections for the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota. She is the Republican nominee seeking to replace incumbent Keith Ellison (D-Minn.). She ran unopposed in primary elections which took place on September 9, 2008. White is a licensed pastor and her piousness will continue to influence a happy and truthful America.

8-Dennis Lennox for State Representative – Former professional hockey referee, sports journalist and taxpayer rights advocate Dennis Lennox announced his candidacy for the 105th state House seat currently held by retiring Representative Kevin Elsenheimer.
He is the man ,who knows what responsibility is .. “With Representative Elsenheimer’s decision not to run again, it’s important to ensure a conservative voice continues to represent us in Lansing,” said Lennox. “The people of northern Michigan want someone willing to cut taxes, improve the economy and vote their values.” .You can view his stand on various issues here.

9-Dan Haley for Massachusetts State Representative – Dan is a candidate to Represent the Eighth Middlesex District in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.Dan Haley is a practicing attorney who lives in Holliston with his wife, Melissa, infant daughter, Sylvie, and Black Labrador, Pax.Dan has been living in the town since birth and his 3 generations have done so .. In one of notes made to citizens of MA,he says ” I am running to be an independent voice for our District, to stand up against wasteful spending and new taxes, and to fight for fiscal discipline and open, accountable government. I look forward to meeting you “on the trail,” where I hope to earn your support and your vote. I hope you will spend some time on this site, learning about my candidacy and my ideas to move the Eighth Middlesex District and the Commonwealth forward. ” .. You might want to have a look at the issues he is concerned about here ..

10-Dan Schorr for District Attorney – Dan is running for DA ( Westchester County ) .Dan earned his J.D. from Harvard Law School and his M.A. and B.A. degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and is a very smart man with best suited skills for the office.Dan has taken solid stand on 3 of the issues ,namely :
*Domestic Violence
*Restore Morale in DA’s Office
*Vertical Prosecution
More about the same can be read here:

To see who amongst them won ? Check out here .

Female volunteer for McCain assaulted by Obama supporter with a stick – Few Comments !!

After reading the news from Pajamas Media on “Obama Supporter Assaults Female McCain Volunteer in New York” .I thought of commenting on the same ,share my thoughts and show you some of the “WORTH CONSIDERING” Comments of 970+ Comments on the original news post.
This is not the AMERICA,I know .. America is all about respecting everybody’s views/wills and wishes.One of the most Democratic country of world – America,is witnessing pretty indecent and unexpected incidents during the campaign this time.. while some might say this was expected as this election is going to decide America’s next leader ,leader who will take it out of current crisis and several other issues.. But guess Obama supporters take it more seriously and took path of violence to show the same,so wise of them ? huh !!

After the incident in New York ,with the victim many were upset and that showed up in a huge 970+ comments on original news post .Some of them I would like to point out ..

*- 7.Jay says : “My advice is, go to WalMart and buy a gun. Regardless of who wins this election trouble is going to erupt,particularly in urban areas……”

*-12. paulejb says :”Think it’s bad now? If Obama is elected his storm troopers will terrorize anyone who criticises his policies. Want to spend four years being called a “racist” for voicing your opinion vote Obama.”

*-44. The Oracle:says : “If Obama loses, be preparded to defend this country from the radical left leaning liberal socialists… don’t run away, run out and fight them and drop them where they stand .”
*-50. Chris says : “I wouldn’t put a NOBAMA sticker on my car, the anarchists in my East Village NYC neighborhood would harm the car on the first night.”

*-633. Concerned says : ” .. I expect the blacks to riot because of course they are all animals… Big mistake to attack me is all I can say ..”

And the list goes on ………….

Harmeet understands Small Business ! – So,even if you are a Democrat,you might want to read this ..

In my last post on Harmeet I told about Harmeet,about her Republican Views and her stand for McCain-Palin ticket.
When I researched more about Harmeet,I found her that she is not just another candidate .She is THE CANDIDATE ,most eligible for the seat she is running for.San Francisco is the heart of Startups of every kind – Technology,Web to what not .. And the good news is that Harmeet herself runs her Law Based Firm ,she is herself a small-business owner who makes payroll,manages and grows business ,provides benefits to her employees because she understand the need of the same,provides quality service to clients while guiding them through the thickets of government regulation .As I said she is not just another candidate who have spent decades as politicians as government payroll and being the part of problem ,not the solution .She understands the impact of regulations on business as a consumer and trusted advisor and with her experience into the same she is capable of making best decisions .
Its often said,to understand a person,wear his/her boots and see from his/her perspective ,only then one can understand his/her needs and views .Harmeet knows this well and she actually understands the needs of Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners/managers.How ? Well,She herself owns one ! And her long experience into the same is going to benefit people of SF.
With the problem of Unemployment everywhere Small Business is the best way to secure future of one’s life and help others get employment .In the list of Harmeet’s area of expertise, tops the Employment Law …So,do you think anybody else even competes closer ,when it comes to who deserves the office ?
Friends,its time to think and decide on the basis of candidate and not Party alone .I would like you to atleast give 5-10 minutes and see opponent of Harmeet and compare yourself as in who actually deserves the seat,the office .For a moment forget you are favoring Democrat or for that matter anybody and just compare 2 candidates,2 people for the important office,upon which depends the near future of SF.Its important because even today many people blindly vote on the basis of Party they have been favoring for all that time they have been eligible for the same.But,this is not way to run democracy,democracy means in simple words ” let the most eligible person win ” .
In words of Jawaharlal Nehru (India’s first prime minister ),he saidDemocracy means tolerance ,tolerance not merely of those who agree with us ,but of those who do not agree with us .So! rightly said !! ..
So,what are you waiting for .. My verdict is Harmeet ! and I am sure after a self survery by you with you ..your verdict won’t differ from mine .You can help Harmeet’s campaign by contributing here .Just do it,I’ll say the Nike way .. You don’t need to be a millionaire or someone big to contribute.Harmeet is a very down to earth person and appreciates every $ of yours.
Last but not the least,Judge the person by his/her virtues not his/her background of Party or anything else.I say this because many Democrats find it tough ,by shifting and voting for a Republican .So,whats the solution ? Forget the party system and see the person whom you really want to be in the Office.
Go Harmeet !! Go McCain-Palin !!

List of Indian Americans for John McCain/Republican Party !

Indians 4 McCain !

Indians 4 McCain !

Well !! though everybody atleast in India & U.S. know about Bobby Jindal’s success after holding the office of Governor in Lousiana .But many of us don’t know about various other Indian American’s who have contributed to the U.S. Politics in some or the other way,so I browsed by a number of articles,blogs,websites etc and selected few Indian Americans who have contributed to the U.S. Politics through Republican Party and support John McCain.

1-Puneet Ahluwalia of Vienna, Va., co-chair of Indo Americans for McCain in the U.S.

2-Sunana Batra of Burbank, Calif., staff whip of the California GOP delegation .

3-Harmeet Dhillon, a Republican candidate for state Assembly in San Francisco.

4-Sunita Krishna, an alternate delegate from Arizona, McCain’s home state .

5-Dr. Sampat Shivangi, head of Indian American Physicians for McCain .

6-Anand Dubey director of the state Enterprise Technology Services (Alaska) .

7-Sudhakar Shenoy — one of the co-founders of the Indian-American Republican Council (VA)

8-Kishan Kumar Putta -McCain Campaign national Asian American outreach coordinator and runs Indians for McCain .

9-Ajay Kuntamukkala -Indian-American Republican activist

10-Nikki Randhawa Haley – South Carolina state legislator .

11-Neil Suryakant Patel, Vice President Dick Cheney’s assistant for domestic and economic policy (Bush Administration.) .

12-Vishal Amin, associate director, Domestic Policy Council at the White House (Bush Administration.)

13-Anoop Prakash, deputy chief of staff, Department of Housing and Urban Development (Bush Administration.)

14-Ash Jain, member, Policy Planning Staff, Department of State (Bush Administration.)

15-Pratik Chougule of the Office of the Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security (Bush Administration.)

16-Suhail Khan of the Department of Transportation (Bush Administration.)

17-Korok Ray, till recently a member of the White House Council of Economic Advisers (Bush Administration.)

18-Neel Kashkari, who has been selected to head the Treasury’s new Office of Financial Stability.

19-Dr. Raghavendra Vijayanagar ,Founder & Chairman of Indian American Republican Council .

20-George Andrews, Executive Director of the Orange County Republican Party

21-Neena Moorjani, a volunteer for Specialty Media at the convention (press secretary to Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ)) .

22-Dino Teppara, Wilson’s Chief of Staff and Counsel .

23-Piyush Agrawal, Regional Vice President (North America) of Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO)

24-Raj Peter Bhakta – entrepreneur, former The Apprentice contestant, and 2006 Republican U.S. House nominee .

25-Rachel Paulose first woman to become a U.S. Attorney in Minnesota,

26-Harry Sidhu, first Indian American elected to Anaheim City Council, November 2004; candidate for California’s 33rd Senate .

27-Dinesh D’Souza, Influential Conservative Thinker and Former Policy Analyst in the Reagan White House.

28-Amit Singh, Republican candidate for Congress from Virginia’s 8th congressional district .

29-Chirinjeev Kathuria, Republican candidate for Senate (16 Mar 2004) from Illinois. Is of Sikh background; businessman, medical doctor, and politician. Was running to fill soon-to-be vacated seat of U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald .

[Note : The list above is totally random,and not according to any criteria or alphabetical order.]
This is not the complete list,and I will keep adding more Indian Americans into U.S. Politics through Republican Party gradually and as I find any.You can help me expanding the list by emailing me at vaish.rajan{at} !

Fireman for New York Senate !!

Love Spiderman ? Love Superman ? saving New York from evil and deadly enemies ..Wow!! It looks all so good in movies and comics.But alas !! We actually have none of them,but yea we have a new Super hero and he actually exists ! He Is Tom Dooley ,the ex-Fireman and now running for New York State Senate.
When you peep back in his life ,you actually find him a super hero.Back in 1973 he joined the United States Marines and served in the First Marine Regiment, as well as the Marine Security Guard detachments in the American Embassies in Cyprus, Ethiopia, and Ireland.Later in 1979 he joined the New York City Fire Department and even though he retired shortly before the unprovoked attack on the World Trade Center, he volunteered at the site until the rescue operations were complete.
He is one of the most deserving candidate for the office and with his experience and will to help people with what he has,I believe in him to be a winner.