Hi,I am Rajan,a recent Computer Science graduate from India..With interests in Computer Science ,Entrepreneurship,U.S. Politics etc..Visit my Linkedin/Google Profile to know more about me and my work till date.

This WordPress domain will feature my interests in Technology,Computer Science,OLPC,US/UK Politics,The Borgen Project,Entrepreneurship/Startups and many others .. gradually but eventually.

Some Quick Facts :-
Full Name : Rajan Vaish
Nick Name : Raj
Birthday : Nov6
Sun sign : Scorpio
Hometown : Lucknow,India
Current town : Shimla,India
High School : La Martiniere College,Lucknow,India
Current School : Jaypee University of Information Technology,India
Religious Views : In God I trust
Political Views : Moderate/Independent
Time pass: Sleeping and thinking 😉
GoogleTalk friendlist:1000+ (use IM for social/professional networking)
My hero(es): Sergey Brin & Larry Page
Keywords : Computer Science,Technology,Entrepreneurship,US Politics
More coming …

Contact me :-
Email : vaish.rajan{at}gmail.com
Wanna Chat ?
Google Talk : vaish.rajan
AIM : vaishrajan
Yahoo!/MSN : rajan.vaish{at}yahoo.com
Phone : 091- 921 884 1724

I am on Facebook ,MySpace,Linkedin and you can follow me on Twitter too !!


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  1. Kim on

    You’re hot.

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