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The Microsoft new CloudApp() Contest participation story

So well, I am writing a blog post after pretty long..and I couldn’t stop anymore, because it’s about a cool experience I would like to share..
10 days back, I just heard of a thing called CloudComputing, then under my Google Summer of Code project, I was required to explore Google Apps Engine for an application as suggested by my mentor. But problem was that, it did not support PHP, I looked for other options and came across Microsoft’s Azure, which could be used to deploy PHP based applications, so I downloaded all required softwares (due to slow Internet connection, it took me more than 1 day), but when I started installing, I came across a problem, which was “compatibility”, Windows Azure required Windows Vista or Server 2008 !, while I had Windows XP SP2. So, I dropped the plan for sometime, until I buy a new laptop with Vista (which I had planned to buy for quite sometime) and told my mentor about the same..

But then, on 7th I saw a contest running (deadline 9th-12noon-PST) !!! I love development contests, and try participating, if’s always a great learning experience… since I love maps/am passionate about Accessibility, and saw that LIVE Framework/Services could run on XP itself, I quickly made a small application for directions finding for Visually Impaired using Bing Maps API , using simple JavaScript and a concept, where motive was to present Routing information in “pure text” which could be read by Screen Readers (specially Web based like WebAnywhere). As I was trying to deploy my app, I found out that it does not belong to LIVE Framworks/Services as I had thought( was probably confused with Live Maps ), rather I needed Windows Azure for the same, I was back to the problem, while I was thinking to drop participating, a friend IMed me on Gtalk and asked “What’s up?” , I told him, what I was upto and he got into action, within no time he started downloading essential softwares on his Windows Vista and we stayed awake till 4:30 am, where my friend(Abhishek) had an important meeting at AOL at 10am. Today in morning itself after some issues, he gave his desktop access through TeamViewer 4 and while I was struggling in understanding Microsoft’s approach to CloudComputing and deployment techniques, the electricity department worsened the situation by 4 power cuts in 3 hours ,, but then, by the end, I successfully deployed the application here . It was my first experience to work remotely and access other computer for required resources,which I didn’t have.The voting for the same continues from 10th-20th July here.Thanks Abhishek,a huge treat awaits 😉

Screen shot of application on WebAnywhere Screen Reader, after hitting any of query buttons,press down arrow to reach the Routing information text to be read.

Screen shot of application on WebAnywhere Screen Reader,after hitting any of query buttons,press down arrow to reach the Routing information text to be read.

Application lies here and voting portal here.