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Victory’08 – for Candidates/Volunteers !

Hi everyone ,with almost just a week left for elections ,things need to speed up.Both campaigns are working day-night to get things done and win the most crucial and important election America has ever witnessed .Its so close that no one can predict whats next ..
Every day new turns and twists are witnessed .But its time to gear up …
In this post I want to give some tips to enhance the websites of candidates which can have more influential impact on people.This is the week when candidates running for various offices will receive maximum traffic since it has been launched ,its natural ..its like school exams, where students do their last moment studies ,,just in this case students are people ..they will be browsing by websites of all candidates running for various offices in their district …and deciding their verdict .Specially Independents/Confused voters and people who are not intending to even vote .Note,this is not a small set of people …almost 10% of U.S. population lies in this category and that means lots when it comes to crucial elections like this .
Now ,when I say its for enhancement of candidate’s website,why am I addressing volunteers ?,the reason being to spread the word and reach out these tips to the campaign offices of the same .. For example you want to help candidates of CA,you can visit this website ,check out the website of various candidates and email them with link to this post .As simple as that ..
Now,you might also be thinking that web development during this last moment of time will consume some time and not such a good idea.Well,folks the stuff I am going to mention here won’t take more time than emailing a simple email .. Its so simple.. kind of just typing and copy-paste .I’ll help more on that if asked ..
Lots of talking done,back to topic :

TIP 1 – Create FAQs : This is the last week,people don’t have time to read all the stuff on website and browse by every article and pages to choose their candidates,they’ll try to just rapid fire it and we need to present the way they want to read .
Posting a FAQ will help them answer questions they always wanted to ask and probability of their being convinced will increase.Nothing could be better.. Now,how to do it ? Easy! ,simply the campaigners can ask various questions from general people point of view and candidate can answer the same at the same time it can be typed and posted on the website .. See,how simple !!

TIP 2 – Posting Video : Even now,many candidates don’t have videos posted in their website.Now,people actually want them speak .A video can do what entire page’s text can’t .Posting a video on YouTube is hardly a matter of 5 minutes,again simple ..

TIP 3 – Clarify TAX schemes : Just saying “we’ll reduce tax” isn’t going to work actually .People want to see how ? For eg: few months back I suggested the same to Toni Gilhooley for Congress and her campaign manager did it for her .. A simple calculation,but now makes so much sense …

TIP 4 – Target people : Targeting people is really really must ,how can that be done ? Again it needs some simple typing with Candidate’s help.Target type of users,as in Entrepreneurs,Middle class,Unemployed,students, etc etc i.e on the basis of their occupation and post details about the same,as in how Candidate’s policies are going to benefit them .. This will help big time,as a student will look for his category,an Entrepreneur for his etc etc ..

TIP 5 – An active inquiry cell : I think even after so many features installed in the website,people might have some unanswered questions .. So,to solve the issue a very active inquiry cell must be deployed assisting in any query they need .. Answering withing 6 hours ( i.e 24/4 ) ,that will be the edge ..

Amongst extra TIPS,something more like this can be done too .. >
TIP 6 – Create/Update Wikipedia/Congresspedia pages : People love to use them as reference,inspite of official homepages/websites of candidates etc ..

TIP 7 – Use an Image of $1/$10 etc on Contribution/Donation page : This will encourage small but many many donations ,hence increasing the total eventually . Its kind of reading human mind ..

Lots more can be done and thought of,but these are primary..If I think of something else,I’ll post it here itself .. And taking time into consideration ,all these 5 tips if implemented seriously won’t take more than half a working day ..
Post Comment or Email me in case any query.
Hope it helps !!


Charlie’s Angels of PA

Since 1970’s Charlie’s Angels have been part of American lives through television series,comics or movies ,but one thing remained same i.e power and combination of 3 smart women.
Its back again,and with all new unexpected version .Only this time its not Cameron Diaz or Drew Barrymore ,perhaps its the Republican force fighting in the state of Pennsylvania starring Toni Gilhooley ,Melissa Hart & Marina Kats .

Toni Gilhooley is the Republican candidate in the 2008 congressional elections for the 17th Congressional District (map) of Pennsylvania running against Democrat Tim Holden.Her strength lies in the background she belongs to and her commitment to reduce and vote for tax cuts.
For 25 years, Toni served the citizens of Pennsylvania as a State Trooper. She was a pioneer for women in the Pennsylvania State Police and understands the security issues like no one.After retirement she was appointed to serve as a Commissioner on the PA Human Relations Commission by Governor Mark Schweiker.Toni serves as President of the Dauphin County Council of Republican Women and many other associations.
Among many issues like STIMULATING THE ECONOMY,CREATING A REAL ENERGY PLAN,ENDING WASTEFUL GOVERNMENT SPENDING, IMMIGRATION,PROTECTION,PROTECTION of 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS,CURING HEALTHCARE,STOPING THE RAID ON SOCIAL SECURITY,PRO-LIFE & FAMILY her strength lies in the TAX Issue where she says ” Our current congressman has lost touch with the people of this district. He voted against the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts and vowed to vote against their retention in 2010. If elected, I will vote to retain these tax cuts and I will work to cut wasteful spending in Washington,”.
In simple words it means that Tim holden voted for largest tax increase in the history of U.S. $683 Billion additional in taxes. That’s $2,100 in additional taxes for a family of four and making $50,000 per year .Now,if you cannot afford this huge sum of money,you certainly cannot afford Tim Holden winning .So message is straight and clear,to live safely and smoothly choose Toni .

Melissa Hart is the Republican nominee in the 2008 congressional electionsto challenge incumbent Altmire, having won the primary on April 22, 2008.Born in North Hills,PA she entered into legal practice as an attorney for a major Pittsburgh law firm and has served in the Pennsylvania State Senate where she chaired the finance committee.
Apart from dealing with many similar issues Melissa is known for her Environment friendly nature,she is a strong supporter of Energy Independence and to achieve which she has some plans like :
* Supporting policies that encourage the development of wind and solar energy, which could create manufacturing jobs here in Western Pennsylvania;
* Putting an end to America’s dependence on foreign oil by exploring for American oil and natural gas off our coasts and opening up restricted areas in Alaska for exploration;
* Expanding the use of clean coal technology, so we can and will use this abundant and inexpensive resource without reservation;
* Encouraging the construction of more nuclear power facilities which is a clean, efficient and inexpensive energy source already in use in Western Pennsylvania;
* Promoting energy efficiency efforts.
Clean and cheap fuel will help reducing current Gas prices and make environment cleaner ,hence making lives easy ..

Marina Kats is the Republican candidate in the 2008 congressional elections for the 13th Congressional District of Pennsylvania. She is the Republican nominee to challenge incumbent Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-Pa.), having won the primary on April 22, 2008.Marina came to America as a legal immigrant from Ukraine in 1979 with barely any money and no understanding of the English language.She came to America with nothing but a love for freedom and the belief that through hard work, anything is possible and today she is a businesswoman, an attorney, a mother of two fantastic daughters .
Marina is a strong woman with strong hold on current issues like GAS CRISIS,ECONOMY,ENERGY,IMMIGRATION,EDUCATION,IRAQ,HEALTH CARE,WAR ON TERROR and ETHICS.
Today America needs this new generation of powerful women to drive development in every sphere and you can help contributing the same by a vote of yours.Don’t forget to register for the same..May the best and deserving win ..