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Ideas to Company !

Hmm,so if you are reading this,you probably know something about me.If nothing,then let me introduce myself in few sentences.I am Rajan ,a Computer Science major who lately got interested in Entrepreneurship and after volunteering for McCain campaign got interested into U.S. Politics with love for Computer Science and related forever.
I think I have a quality, and its THINKING ,thinking beyond BOX. My self build inspirational line being “Think BIG,to grow BIG” displayed under the title “Rajan’s School of THOUGHT” here shows how much I love thinking,but thinking what and when ? Right,I think about IDEAS which can bring difference to World through WEB and do that whenever I am free or I am asked to.
For last few months I have been in touch with few CEOs of Web Companies and helped them giving some Ideas to help their web company in terms of drawing traffic/revenue.Even,during my Online volunteering activity for Presidential campaign instead of attacking any candidate or something,I tried to help building strategies and ways to draw people to candidate’s/other website(s) and stick to the same.Almost all my old blog entries here are related to the same and some I used one-on-one through emails.Lately I also participated at Google’s Project 10^100 and Knight’s News Challenge .
After all this,I just thought of giving my interest pretty formal shape by starting a service which I can call a company.With $0 investment and $0 expectations ,here it is THE SIXTH ELEMENT .Its not registered or anything,its very informal concept with formal intentions.A way to connect/help/learn and more.Web companies spend Million of dollars on the same,its just a free and light version of the same ,all ready for Beta testing 🙂


10 things you can do before/on Nov4 to bring people out to Vote !!

So! ,less than 5 days left .. and I am sure most of Americans have made up their mind as in ,whom to vote for .The race for White House is tightest ever , but we should keep in mind “Not to trust any Polls” ,they are nothing more than an illusion …Even now,there are several people who are undecided/independent and many who intend not to vote ..
And as of now,our target must be to bring them out to vote ,VOTE for America !!
Here are some thoughts which came to me while I was attending a boring lecture of mine,so I penned them down and would like to share the same ..

Thing 1 – On the day of election,take with you 3 other people from different families ,perhaps 3 families itself .A chain of 3 can help connect whole nation.Best would be,if you can take with you people who were confused or not willing to vote .

Thing 2 – This one is for girls 😛 ,well !! girls do ask your guy/boy friend(s) to vote and might accompany you.Its a fact ,guys will take talk from girl more seriously than some talk from just another guy.

Thing 3 – Use your Phone answering machine as a tool to convey your message to vote,you can use your home phones for this purpose and tell people calling you that you will be voting on Nov4 and want the person calling to vote too.In a funny tone,you might want to add that if the person calling wants to hear from you,he/she must pledge to vote 🙂

Thing 4 – Okay!!,if you run a company,ask your employees to vote or if you are a Professor/Teacher ask your eligible students to vote,I mean you can always request someone below in hierarchy to vote,the things can be taken vice-versa too.Say,if a student knows that his teacher does not vote or is fed up with current Political situation,he/she can ask for the same.This will perhaps carry more impact.

Thing 5 – Now,this one is very easy to do,but bit tedious to implement.What I mean to say is that create some Posters(2 types) ,1-simple ones using RED-BLUE color (with more Red into it) such that you appear to be independent while 2-McCain posters ..Now search for locations where people tend to queue or stand for a while like Supermarket’s cash counter place,Gas station,etc etc and with permission of owner just paste the same ,if he is a McCainiac paste the McCain poster else keeping our prime objective open ,ask them to vote !! Here,Let the Color speak ..
Now,if you are pretty creative you can create the Comics style poster,with cartoons thing etc,so that it catches eye and people give few seconds to it ..

Thing 6 – Halloween !!,don’t miss the opportunity to use this awesome day for such a good purpose to save the Democracy of AMERICA.Simple Angel/Evil – Voter/Non Voter analogy can be used and posters etc can be set up in the Halloween costume shops.Also during celebration,something creative can be thought of.

Thing 7 – Edit/Create a signature in your Personal emails,Facebook/MySpace Status messages,IM status message etc and try to spread the word and convey your thoughts on the importance of voter.Best is, make feel as if voters are the winners while people not voting are loosers “L” .

Thing 8 – Promote your brand image,o! yes .. you can improve your brand image if all your employees have pledged to vote.You can create posters etc (If you are an entrepreneur ) and ask people to vote + let them know that “This company employs employees ,cent% of whom have pledged to vote” ,its kind of way the companies feel proud of them being green.

Thing 9 – Collect some money or something and try posting an Ad to vote! on some Financial News papers,such that it gives impression that every vote counts and a good government is need of the hour and to take America out of current financial crisis .

Thing 10 – You can ask,as a group or society,club etc to the owners of Cinema Halls,Theaters etc to post at least a TEXT Ad before the beginning of movie,this will target youth etc who many times just don’t care about voting and take it casually .But the Ad must be inspiring enough(even Text) such that it helps people motivating.Since,its not promotion rather something for countries benefit.I believe that Cinema Theater owners etc won’t mind the same and might even do the same for free..

So,these were some points,some thoughts of mine ..some easy,some bit tedious.. but might eventually help get the purpose solved to some extent ..
Hope it helps.

Victory’08 – for Candidates/Volunteers !

Hi everyone ,with almost just a week left for elections ,things need to speed up.Both campaigns are working day-night to get things done and win the most crucial and important election America has ever witnessed .Its so close that no one can predict whats next ..
Every day new turns and twists are witnessed .But its time to gear up …
In this post I want to give some tips to enhance the websites of candidates which can have more influential impact on people.This is the week when candidates running for various offices will receive maximum traffic since it has been launched ,its natural ..its like school exams, where students do their last moment studies ,,just in this case students are people ..they will be browsing by websites of all candidates running for various offices in their district …and deciding their verdict .Specially Independents/Confused voters and people who are not intending to even vote .Note,this is not a small set of people …almost 10% of U.S. population lies in this category and that means lots when it comes to crucial elections like this .
Now ,when I say its for enhancement of candidate’s website,why am I addressing volunteers ?,the reason being to spread the word and reach out these tips to the campaign offices of the same .. For example you want to help candidates of CA,you can visit this website ,check out the website of various candidates and email them with link to this post .As simple as that ..
Now,you might also be thinking that web development during this last moment of time will consume some time and not such a good idea.Well,folks the stuff I am going to mention here won’t take more time than emailing a simple email .. Its so simple.. kind of just typing and copy-paste .I’ll help more on that if asked ..
Lots of talking done,back to topic :

TIP 1 – Create FAQs : This is the last week,people don’t have time to read all the stuff on website and browse by every article and pages to choose their candidates,they’ll try to just rapid fire it and we need to present the way they want to read .
Posting a FAQ will help them answer questions they always wanted to ask and probability of their being convinced will increase.Nothing could be better.. Now,how to do it ? Easy! ,simply the campaigners can ask various questions from general people point of view and candidate can answer the same at the same time it can be typed and posted on the website .. See,how simple !!

TIP 2 – Posting Video : Even now,many candidates don’t have videos posted in their website.Now,people actually want them speak .A video can do what entire page’s text can’t .Posting a video on YouTube is hardly a matter of 5 minutes,again simple ..

TIP 3 – Clarify TAX schemes : Just saying “we’ll reduce tax” isn’t going to work actually .People want to see how ? For eg: few months back I suggested the same to Toni Gilhooley for Congress and her campaign manager did it for her .. A simple calculation,but now makes so much sense …

TIP 4 – Target people : Targeting people is really really must ,how can that be done ? Again it needs some simple typing with Candidate’s help.Target type of users,as in Entrepreneurs,Middle class,Unemployed,students, etc etc i.e on the basis of their occupation and post details about the same,as in how Candidate’s policies are going to benefit them .. This will help big time,as a student will look for his category,an Entrepreneur for his etc etc ..

TIP 5 – An active inquiry cell : I think even after so many features installed in the website,people might have some unanswered questions .. So,to solve the issue a very active inquiry cell must be deployed assisting in any query they need .. Answering withing 6 hours ( i.e 24/4 ) ,that will be the edge ..

Amongst extra TIPS,something more like this can be done too .. >
TIP 6 – Create/Update Wikipedia/Congresspedia pages : People love to use them as reference,inspite of official homepages/websites of candidates etc ..

TIP 7 – Use an Image of $1/$10 etc on Contribution/Donation page : This will encourage small but many many donations ,hence increasing the total eventually . Its kind of reading human mind ..

Lots more can be done and thought of,but these are primary..If I think of something else,I’ll post it here itself .. And taking time into consideration ,all these 5 tips if implemented seriously won’t take more than half a working day ..
Post Comment or Email me in case any query.
Hope it helps !!

U.S. Elections’08 & Beijing Olympics’08

[Original Post on Aug13’08 at]
Hi Bloggers and everybody out here, While I was browsing web,I noticed something and its just a thought and very naive which I would like to MIGHT BE WEIRD but may be we can give it a try or something ,right ? I was wondering that during these days,what is the most searched thing on internet? ( especially among Americans its no more Elections ,they are kind of bored of it ) even YouTube is not being searched for Election videos anymore (much I mean)… then what is it on web ,grabbing all searches ? .. Yes,you guessed it right ! .. Its OLYMPICS !! Now,if somehow we can grab and divert searches towards your blogs,which were being searched for olympics .. That could be something really awesome .. now adding keywords like olympics in the Meta-Tags will be illegal(in the eyes of Google) untill unless we actually have something about Olympics .. …….So,what we can do is that we can start a section/blog with heading something like ” Elections,not less than Olympics” and create an analogy with Olympic games & Election as Olympics .. Both start after a gap of 4 years .. Both have teams ( here just 2 teams Obama & McCain ) Both have many players ( many congressmen and other candidates here ) Medals ( votes here ) etc etc etc .. I mean , a POLITICAL OLYMPICS thing can be started .. which works something like Real Political Games ..where a compared analysis candidate to candidate,county to county ,district to district etc etc wise .. can be done (like you can only concentrate on PA ),then total scores can show where we stand as in where McCain stands .. ? I mean something something like this .. etc etc .. Now,using Windows Movie Player,videos from text can be created and uploaded on YouTube with tags set again as Olympics .. so,we are encashing this keyword called “olympics” and using it for our purpose .. A page on MySpace can be created for this purpose,this will be something new entertaining as well as solving the purpose,what better can be ? after all elections is also kind of mega game(with a much serious intension ),where winner remains undetermined and upon whom the nation backs upon .. The Bloggers must understand the power and need of keywords/tags which is going to divert searches (choosing correct subject title is very important ) and the need to to bring new visitors and change their mindset by the skill of writing .. I hope it helps ,and this naive idea can be turned into something mature :s

Few Blogging Tips !

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Hi everyone,Though many of you are professional bloggers out here and much much experienced than me,but still I would like to drop few tips which might help your blog coming up in Google Search.
1-Title the article ,as if a person might be using those keywords for searching something.Generalize the same.Just get into the boots of visitors and think what keywords you might be using to search something which your article contains and this will give you title of article.Adding TAGS to the same is very important and add maximum of them ( all Nouns at least).
2- You can improve the rank of your blogs by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to your blog .For example , is soon gaining high popularity with 80,000 hits (and Google does not ignores it),so if somehow your blog is linked from LGTR,you will get a high rank in Google search for sure….Plus help others to be helped,collaborate to rise high where I mean that post links to other similar blogs and ask others to post link to your blog (its a collaborative process based on mutual understanding and the aim to achieve common goals. ) . To make picture more clear see this : ( SEE only the IMAGE and the TEXT below it — no need to go through entire content ).
3-Use/Write unique stuff .. I mean something about which stuff does not exist on web .. or may be you can use double meaning words … for ex : ” PALIN EXPOSED ” ,exposed is something used for negative meaning generally and many people to know more about Palin might be searching using this set of keyword I am for sure .. but ENGLISH says that Exposed simply means,that “to make known, disclose, or reveal (intentions, secrets, etc.).” , now here you can tell positive points,her agendas etc etc about her …….Its kind of strategy used by many .. the Double Meaning Word Strategy to catch attention..
I hope it helped a bit at least.If it did? ,then Let’s Get This Right !!
Rajan .

Read People’s mind to increase Donations!- through FAQ’s

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Hello Friends,
Now,I would like to discuss something very important ,which covers Donations and Allowing people to know their candidates aspects more strongly ,its a known fact that both these things are directly proportional to each other..Its a natural fact that if next year my friend stands for Congress ,I am going to vote him/her, and donate at the same time .WHY? Because he/she is my friend and I know about him/her.Now to know about a person,there is a section called “About”,which is nothing more than modified Resume/CV.I don’t say that such a page is not needed but it should be presented in such a way that the next link which user clicks at is that of “Donate now”..There is a need of Summary to Entire website ..I hope you are getting what I mean to convey.User is very busy,no time to glance entire website ,no time to read entire Bio about the candidate.So,whats the solution ?
Solution is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) the moment,this is the best solution I could think of,I will continue thinking but FAQ is something which meets the criteria as a solution to above mentioned problems ..
Questions like :
Why should I donate for XYZ ?
I am a College student,how will XYZ benefit me?
I am not a rich guy,will donations less than $5 suffice ? (One can frame it better,and questions like this will invite MANY SMALL DONATIONS = HUGE SUM )
What are hidden traits of XYZ,about which we are unaware of ..?
Why XYZ stood for elections and entered Politics ?
list goes on ………………………..A well Framed FAQ is something equivalent to entire website,in the most presentable manner and Quickest way to browse website.It needs to read voter’s mind and reply instantaneously.All categories of voters and all possible questions they might have in mind must be considered and well thought upon to frame a mind reader FAQ,which will not only build trust for that candidate but get him/her votes and donations.

Let me know,what you feel about the same.Thanks !

Rajan Vaish

Email/IM: vaishrajan

More Donations- The Need Of The Hour !

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Hello Friends,

As time is passing by and camapaign speeding up,need for money is felt.Big and famous candidates might be able to get donations needed to keep their campaign running.But still many are falling short of money,may be by small margin.

I propose an addition in their websites,as I have known that Tax reforms is strength of many candidates,but sadly I guess not many are encashing the same effectively.Here is what I have to say i.e few IDEAS :

1-Sentence framing must be very influential ,i mean short sentence type things like : “Loosen your pockets now,to weigh them more latter”,these sentences are kind of catchy..and fits well when it comes to Tax schemes .
2-Case Studies:I enjoy it and I am sure people do that too,when you say TAX Reforms and stuff,people fail to actually visualize how they will be benefited and to what extent.REMEMBER,Our aim is not only to get donations from Rich people but from middle class and poor (I wonder,if these classes exist in US too ? ) too.Middle class will donate only when they feel it really important and part of their regular expenditure..for that they need to SEE and not just READ or HEAR,So we need to SHOW them,by taking a real case scenario..where a simple family with annual income $xxxxx,now show them with very simple mathematical calculations (In fact a small gadget can be made,where user enters his salary and gets to know approximate idea of TAX he/she might pay…under that Candidate’s session and the difference if Opponent is elected – The application will be simple JAVASCRIPTING to be embedded in a page)..This is small step to take,but i believe that when they SEE ,it will for sure have a different effect and this will attract money from all class of people,which is the need of the hour..

Let me know,what do you think about the same..because its about SEEING than just HEARING and READING ! Thanks !


AIM: vaishrajan

IDEAS for MONEY generation for McCain’s campaign

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Hello Friends,

Money is a very important factor, the more money you have,more free you are to express and implement the plans.

There are some means of generating money,which i saw in this website and others i.e asking for donations and buying McCain’s schwag.However there is something which can be done,which requires not even a cent from user’s pocket but results in great money collection,its called GOOGLE AdSense .

For web novices : Google AdSense is a program which gives you money for allowing to place ads in your website.Its a very smart technology and pays you more,if you get more clicks/hits to your website and shows very relevent ads.For more information message me or search wikipedia or ,its something very common and many times while browsing web you might have come across the same.

Now,I propose that such a service can be used to serve our purpose,i.e generating money for McCAIN .What can be done is that,we have this link to LINKS (on the top of ),which is still being constructed as more websites are being added,best thing is allow users to post websites,i.e creating URL library for McCAIN’s websites/blogs/stores etc etc (user added content is the best way to increase contents ) which can be well categorized and searchable.Now what actually is in my mind is that this LINK ( on the top of ) redirects to an entirely new website which is actually the URL library i was talking about,and this page/URL can be subscribed to Google AdSense ..And the name LINK can be changed to ( or perhaps display information on mouse hover) something like “CLICK TO DONATE,WITHOUT ACTUALLY DONATING”,now all the users when will click here,it will increase the hit rate of the website and hence the Google will see it as a popular website and place more ads (ofcourse with website owner’s permission)..more ads means more money ! And all the money earned(it can be $5000/month too ) can be redirected to the funds being collected for official McCain’s campaign .

A question might arise in your mind,that when such a thing can be done on any website..why not on the home page of this website or most popular website for McCAIN ? the answer is that this gives a bad impression actually,American Universities’ websites recieve so many hits per day,per minute but they don’t subscribe to Google AdSence because,it does not gives a good impression to be frank..Hence thought of this .Thanks !

Please Post your comments in case you have to say something or find flaws.I can be directly reached through Email/IM ..Thanks !


IM/Email : vaish.rajan{@}