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The California Cream …

In my earlier post America’s Most Wanted I talked about the candidates from various part of America, running for various offices and whom I am in touch with directly/indirectly .
In this post,I concentrate on the State of CALIFORNIA … My favorite in America,due to obvious reasons ..The post also intends to throw light on the diversity of Republican Party ,which many say is only White’s thing ..I’ll feature 2 of the candidates running for State Assembly/Senate ,who inherit their family background from India & Sri Lanka namely Harmeet K. Dhillon & Sashi McEntee respectively.
So, lets begin …

1-Harmeet K. Dhillon for State Assembly – Harmeet ,is one of my favorite candidates running for any office in America ..though let me tell you again..she is running for California State Assembly and is a Republican candidate representing California’s 13th District.This is kind of my 3rd post for her ,earlier being here and here .The reason why she is amongst my favorite is that she respects Entrepreneurship and is determined to bring positive changes to the system to encourage the same,which will further benefit in Employment and lots other direct/indirect dependents .She is a lawyer and understands system like no other,in terms of ability she ranks much higher than her counterpart .
It has been kind of a tradition for Indian Americans to vote for Democrats ,but its time to re-think ,re-think on the basis of candidate and not party alone.And even if they think on the basis of Party,,Indian Americans need to take into consideration the strong relationships between U.S. and India during Bush Regime,biggest among them of course is the Nuclear Deal signed lately.
You can know her stands on various issues here .

2-Sashi McEntee for State Senate – Sashi will be representing Sonoma,Marin and San Francisco counties .. Sashi was raised in LA by her Sri Lankan parents .When earlier I said that Harmeet was one of my favorite candidates that meant for sure that there exists few more.Sashi is one of them ,and you know the reason why ? O! yes .. Sashi belongs to a family of entrepreneurs, Sashi’s parents instilled in her the values of smart business, individual freedom and personal responsibility. As a community leader, Sashi serves on several boards and committees, including the ODC/Dance Board of Directors, Bank of San Francisco Advisory Board and the Shelter Ridge Homeowners Association Board of Directors.
This makes Sashi as one of the most eligible candidates of the region .
She has committed to take serious actions on these 4 issues ,namely :
*Education ( CA – The land of Stanford,UCB,UCLA & many more)
*Health Care
*Business-Friendly Budget Reform .
More about the same can be seen here .

3- Dean Andal for Congress – Dean is a Republican candidate for US Congress in California’s 11th District.He co-chaired the tax policy group for Governor Schwarzenegger’s transition team, and served as a trustee for the San Joaquin County Board of Education and the Lincoln Unified School District. He also served on the San Joaquin County Child Abuse Prevention Council, and was a member of the Employer Support Council for the U.S. National Guard.
Amongst his AGENDAS ,Energy lies amongst the top ,and he intends to make America Energy Independent by :
*Permitting New domestic oil exploration
*Encourage businesses and consumers to “go green”
*Speed the development of alternative energy
*Bring new energy plants and projects on-line faster
*Toughen federal energy-efficiency standards
This not only shows his farsightedness but his concern about one of the Counties most important issues.His other stands on various issues can be seen here .

4 – Thomas Vidal for State Assembly – Thomas is a Republican candidate for State Assembly in California’s 53rd District.
Thomas is campaigning for the State Assembly because we need someone who will secure California’s future by tackling the big issues, like inefficient spending, which has resulted in a $16 billion budget shortfall; ineffective health-care policies that prevent access to affordable, high-quality medical care; and needlessly complex regulations that make it nearly impossible for California businesses to compete in the global marketplace and provide better job opportunities for all Californians. We need a visionary leader who has the creativity and discipline to implement that vision, someone who can build consensus around problem solving rather than conducting “politics as usual,” someone who can steer California on a path to prosperity without sacrificing the moral high-ground.
More on his stand on various issues,you might want to read here .

5- Gary Jeandron for the state Assembly – Former Palm Springs Police Chief Gary Jeandron has a lifetime commitment to the communities of the Desert and is running for State Assembly .
Gary being into Police has always learned to protect people and he is committed to continue doing so ,He has addressed most important issues like :
*Revive Economy.
*Fiscal Responsibility.
*Better Education.
*Safe Streets and Schools.
*Expanding Health Care and Benefits.
*Energy and Environment.
More on his issues can be read here .

This post is not complete as such,I might add more Bios soon .Stay updated ..


Harmeet understands Small Business ! – So,even if you are a Democrat,you might want to read this ..

In my last post on Harmeet I told about Harmeet,about her Republican Views and her stand for McCain-Palin ticket.
When I researched more about Harmeet,I found her that she is not just another candidate .She is THE CANDIDATE ,most eligible for the seat she is running for.San Francisco is the heart of Startups of every kind – Technology,Web to what not .. And the good news is that Harmeet herself runs her Law Based Firm ,she is herself a small-business owner who makes payroll,manages and grows business ,provides benefits to her employees because she understand the need of the same,provides quality service to clients while guiding them through the thickets of government regulation .As I said she is not just another candidate who have spent decades as politicians as government payroll and being the part of problem ,not the solution .She understands the impact of regulations on business as a consumer and trusted advisor and with her experience into the same she is capable of making best decisions .
Its often said,to understand a person,wear his/her boots and see from his/her perspective ,only then one can understand his/her needs and views .Harmeet knows this well and she actually understands the needs of Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners/managers.How ? Well,She herself owns one ! And her long experience into the same is going to benefit people of SF.
With the problem of Unemployment everywhere Small Business is the best way to secure future of one’s life and help others get employment .In the list of Harmeet’s area of expertise, tops the Employment Law …So,do you think anybody else even competes closer ,when it comes to who deserves the office ?
Friends,its time to think and decide on the basis of candidate and not Party alone .I would like you to atleast give 5-10 minutes and see opponent of Harmeet and compare yourself as in who actually deserves the seat,the office .For a moment forget you are favoring Democrat or for that matter anybody and just compare 2 candidates,2 people for the important office,upon which depends the near future of SF.Its important because even today many people blindly vote on the basis of Party they have been favoring for all that time they have been eligible for the same.But,this is not way to run democracy,democracy means in simple words ” let the most eligible person win ” .
In words of Jawaharlal Nehru (India’s first prime minister ),he saidDemocracy means tolerance ,tolerance not merely of those who agree with us ,but of those who do not agree with us .So! rightly said !! ..
So,what are you waiting for .. My verdict is Harmeet ! and I am sure after a self survery by you with you ..your verdict won’t differ from mine .You can help Harmeet’s campaign by contributing here .Just do it,I’ll say the Nike way .. You don’t need to be a millionaire or someone big to contribute.Harmeet is a very down to earth person and appreciates every $ of yours.
Last but not the least,Judge the person by his/her virtues not his/her background of Party or anything else.I say this because many Democrats find it tough ,by shifting and voting for a Republican .So,whats the solution ? Forget the party system and see the person whom you really want to be in the Office.
Go Harmeet !! Go McCain-Palin !!

List of Indian Americans for John McCain/Republican Party !

Indians 4 McCain !

Indians 4 McCain !

Well !! though everybody atleast in India & U.S. know about Bobby Jindal’s success after holding the office of Governor in Lousiana .But many of us don’t know about various other Indian American’s who have contributed to the U.S. Politics in some or the other way,so I browsed by a number of articles,blogs,websites etc and selected few Indian Americans who have contributed to the U.S. Politics through Republican Party and support John McCain.

1-Puneet Ahluwalia of Vienna, Va., co-chair of Indo Americans for McCain in the U.S.

2-Sunana Batra of Burbank, Calif., staff whip of the California GOP delegation .

3-Harmeet Dhillon, a Republican candidate for state Assembly in San Francisco.

4-Sunita Krishna, an alternate delegate from Arizona, McCain’s home state .

5-Dr. Sampat Shivangi, head of Indian American Physicians for McCain .

6-Anand Dubey director of the state Enterprise Technology Services (Alaska) .

7-Sudhakar Shenoy — one of the co-founders of the Indian-American Republican Council (VA)

8-Kishan Kumar Putta -McCain Campaign national Asian American outreach coordinator and runs Indians for McCain .

9-Ajay Kuntamukkala -Indian-American Republican activist

10-Nikki Randhawa Haley – South Carolina state legislator .

11-Neil Suryakant Patel, Vice President Dick Cheney’s assistant for domestic and economic policy (Bush Administration.) .

12-Vishal Amin, associate director, Domestic Policy Council at the White House (Bush Administration.)

13-Anoop Prakash, deputy chief of staff, Department of Housing and Urban Development (Bush Administration.)

14-Ash Jain, member, Policy Planning Staff, Department of State (Bush Administration.)

15-Pratik Chougule of the Office of the Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security (Bush Administration.)

16-Suhail Khan of the Department of Transportation (Bush Administration.)

17-Korok Ray, till recently a member of the White House Council of Economic Advisers (Bush Administration.)

18-Neel Kashkari, who has been selected to head the Treasury’s new Office of Financial Stability.

19-Dr. Raghavendra Vijayanagar ,Founder & Chairman of Indian American Republican Council .

20-George Andrews, Executive Director of the Orange County Republican Party

21-Neena Moorjani, a volunteer for Specialty Media at the convention (press secretary to Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ)) .

22-Dino Teppara, Wilson’s Chief of Staff and Counsel .

23-Piyush Agrawal, Regional Vice President (North America) of Global Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO)

24-Raj Peter Bhakta – entrepreneur, former The Apprentice contestant, and 2006 Republican U.S. House nominee .

25-Rachel Paulose first woman to become a U.S. Attorney in Minnesota,

26-Harry Sidhu, first Indian American elected to Anaheim City Council, November 2004; candidate for California’s 33rd Senate .

27-Dinesh D’Souza, Influential Conservative Thinker and Former Policy Analyst in the Reagan White House.

28-Amit Singh, Republican candidate for Congress from Virginia’s 8th congressional district .

29-Chirinjeev Kathuria, Republican candidate for Senate (16 Mar 2004) from Illinois. Is of Sikh background; businessman, medical doctor, and politician. Was running to fill soon-to-be vacated seat of U.S. Senator Peter Fitzgerald .

[Note : The list above is totally random,and not according to any criteria or alphabetical order.]
This is not the complete list,and I will keep adding more Indian Americans into U.S. Politics through Republican Party gradually and as I find any.You can help me expanding the list by emailing me at vaish.rajan{at} !

Fireman for New York Senate !!

Love Spiderman ? Love Superman ? saving New York from evil and deadly enemies ..Wow!! It looks all so good in movies and comics.But alas !! We actually have none of them,but yea we have a new Super hero and he actually exists ! He Is Tom Dooley ,the ex-Fireman and now running for New York State Senate.
When you peep back in his life ,you actually find him a super hero.Back in 1973 he joined the United States Marines and served in the First Marine Regiment, as well as the Marine Security Guard detachments in the American Embassies in Cyprus, Ethiopia, and Ireland.Later in 1979 he joined the New York City Fire Department and even though he retired shortly before the unprovoked attack on the World Trade Center, he volunteered at the site until the rescue operations were complete.
He is one of the most deserving candidate for the office and with his experience and will to help people with what he has,I believe in him to be a winner.

Charlie’s Angels of PA

Since 1970’s Charlie’s Angels have been part of American lives through television series,comics or movies ,but one thing remained same i.e power and combination of 3 smart women.
Its back again,and with all new unexpected version .Only this time its not Cameron Diaz or Drew Barrymore ,perhaps its the Republican force fighting in the state of Pennsylvania starring Toni Gilhooley ,Melissa Hart & Marina Kats .

Toni Gilhooley is the Republican candidate in the 2008 congressional elections for the 17th Congressional District (map) of Pennsylvania running against Democrat Tim Holden.Her strength lies in the background she belongs to and her commitment to reduce and vote for tax cuts.
For 25 years, Toni served the citizens of Pennsylvania as a State Trooper. She was a pioneer for women in the Pennsylvania State Police and understands the security issues like no one.After retirement she was appointed to serve as a Commissioner on the PA Human Relations Commission by Governor Mark Schweiker.Toni serves as President of the Dauphin County Council of Republican Women and many other associations.
Among many issues like STIMULATING THE ECONOMY,CREATING A REAL ENERGY PLAN,ENDING WASTEFUL GOVERNMENT SPENDING, IMMIGRATION,PROTECTION,PROTECTION of 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS,CURING HEALTHCARE,STOPING THE RAID ON SOCIAL SECURITY,PRO-LIFE & FAMILY her strength lies in the TAX Issue where she says ” Our current congressman has lost touch with the people of this district. He voted against the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts and vowed to vote against their retention in 2010. If elected, I will vote to retain these tax cuts and I will work to cut wasteful spending in Washington,”.
In simple words it means that Tim holden voted for largest tax increase in the history of U.S. $683 Billion additional in taxes. That’s $2,100 in additional taxes for a family of four and making $50,000 per year .Now,if you cannot afford this huge sum of money,you certainly cannot afford Tim Holden winning .So message is straight and clear,to live safely and smoothly choose Toni .

Melissa Hart is the Republican nominee in the 2008 congressional electionsto challenge incumbent Altmire, having won the primary on April 22, 2008.Born in North Hills,PA she entered into legal practice as an attorney for a major Pittsburgh law firm and has served in the Pennsylvania State Senate where she chaired the finance committee.
Apart from dealing with many similar issues Melissa is known for her Environment friendly nature,she is a strong supporter of Energy Independence and to achieve which she has some plans like :
* Supporting policies that encourage the development of wind and solar energy, which could create manufacturing jobs here in Western Pennsylvania;
* Putting an end to America’s dependence on foreign oil by exploring for American oil and natural gas off our coasts and opening up restricted areas in Alaska for exploration;
* Expanding the use of clean coal technology, so we can and will use this abundant and inexpensive resource without reservation;
* Encouraging the construction of more nuclear power facilities which is a clean, efficient and inexpensive energy source already in use in Western Pennsylvania;
* Promoting energy efficiency efforts.
Clean and cheap fuel will help reducing current Gas prices and make environment cleaner ,hence making lives easy ..

Marina Kats is the Republican candidate in the 2008 congressional elections for the 13th Congressional District of Pennsylvania. She is the Republican nominee to challenge incumbent Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-Pa.), having won the primary on April 22, 2008.Marina came to America as a legal immigrant from Ukraine in 1979 with barely any money and no understanding of the English language.She came to America with nothing but a love for freedom and the belief that through hard work, anything is possible and today she is a businesswoman, an attorney, a mother of two fantastic daughters .
Marina is a strong woman with strong hold on current issues like GAS CRISIS,ECONOMY,ENERGY,IMMIGRATION,EDUCATION,IRAQ,HEALTH CARE,WAR ON TERROR and ETHICS.
Today America needs this new generation of powerful women to drive development in every sphere and you can help contributing the same by a vote of yours.Don’t forget to register for the same..May the best and deserving win ..

Jeff Beatty for U.S. Senate’08

Jeff Beatty is running against John Kerry, Massachusetts’ Junior Senator, in the 2008 Senate Race.Born in New Jersey Jeff has a unique distinction of belonging to all three of the United States’ most elite anti-terrorist organizations: Army DELTA FORCE, the FBI and the CIA.
He is also the founder and President of http://www.TotalSecurity.US, an anti-terrorism consulting firm that has helped protect U.S. citizens in Massachusetts and across the United States.
Jeff is very keen to work on some of the burning issues and get hold on them like :
1-The Economy
2-Energy Plan
3-The War
6-Amendment II
7-Education .
Jeff is part idealist, part realist.He has been a soldier, a spy, a businessman and a volunteer.He has been around the world, He met Kings and terrorists, and He’s a person who is grateful for life and grateful for the experiences life has given him.He wants to give back by applying his experience for Americans because therein lies tremendous satisfaction for him .


[Original Post on May18,2008 at]
Hello Friends,

I am Rajan here,a Computer Science Major from India and would like to contribute to this campaign for McCain and see him victorious.In this blog,I present you a set of IDEAS some of which which I would like to develop or perhaps would like them to be developed for the good cause.I guess when these Ideas are embedded in this website,it will attract more viewers who would be keen to be member of the same.

Here I present a few :

1 ) Start a separate category in blog,namely “Republicans in my Life ” where People can post their personal experiences .. as in the way they were benefited by a Republican govt than a Democrat, say benefited by some policies which were brought under Republican govt.This will show effect of the same in common people/citizens (you may ask for occupation , this will give a glimpse of what category was benefited most ).

2 ) An Essay Competition can be organized (word limits -say 500 or something ) .and the person winning will be rewarded with McCain’s autograph or something .competition can be weekly basis and judged by users itself .Burning and important topics like :
->WAR FOR PEACE -showing positive points of wars for peace and humanity .
->US RECESSION – how Republicans helped getting over it ?
->OBAMA’s war with HILLARY – I mean highlighting this point,that when they keep fighting among themselves,how will they together lead the nation?I mean when they both being democrats are not UNITED,how will they run UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ?

Many topics can be invited from the users itself.

3 ) ONLINE DEBATE – This is going to hit mass if implemented well. There are many IM softwares which can be embedded in this website or perhaps one can rent it from MEEBO or can rent a channel on an IRC (Internet Relay Chat – if you are unfamilier with the same,ask me details or check this website ) or some other CHAT ROOM SERVICE type .What can be done is that daily on first come first serve basis few people which form a team or something and then debate …People can view it run time i.e LIVE ,or it can be private if its one on one and if desired by debators (the chat will be logged ).. and good debate discussions can latter be posted on Website ,this will create great interest in both debating people and the readers of the same ..The race to debate(since it will be first come first serve ,will get lots of hits to this website)
rajan: *********************
This format is actally being loved by people(the comics style),some rewards like autographs etc can be given too .

4 ) Truth or Dare – Surpised? what is this game doing in ? Well to develop interest among the users I have just changed the name,i.e wrapped offline debating comcept into this Game format and name..Name matters !! What can be done is that users can Post a truth,a fact which he/she always wanted to tell people and now he/she dares other users to prove it wrong(this is dare),other users can opt for truth and can support the motion by adding another truth for the same post/topic.This will create ultimate excitment ..I understand that this site is for McCAIN’s supporters and few will speak against,but I am also sure at the same time that to have a look in the happenings of this website few democrats are its member too,and well ! an open discussion is something really important ,no human is perfect,so there is always a possibility to debate,hot issues can be brought up in an entertaining way. etc etc .

5 ) A tool can be created where one side shows Agendas and Promises done by the Republicans and Democrats during their respective govts and then the percentage of work they actually implemented by the end of their tenure.This will give a more fair and clear idea of Republican’s winning edge over Democrats .No statistics work needed to be done,it can be made run using user content i.e users will be the one who will add the data and tool will keep the calculations updated.

6 )Feature like tell a friend,though SMS can also be embedded .

7 )Work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) needs to be done more,so that instead of tell/invite a friend people searching for something on Web for McCAIN gets to know about this website.

8 ) Report it ! – An application or a page dedicated to the same where users can tell something happening in their locality ,which is important and people must know about the same..But News Channel or Newspaper fail to cover it.One can also post the same remaining Anonymous .This is a great way to express things,which generally people avoid and scared off.

I will be posting my IDEAS on generating Money for McCAIN in my next blog entry using Google Adsense. Keep looking for the same.And please post comments if you found any flaws,I will get back to same and try defending those.Thanks !

I can also be reached through Email and IM.Thanks !


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