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Reaching out to Voters ! – Some Tips ..

With less than 2 weeks left ,its very crucial for the campaign that maximum people turn up to vote .In 2006 11 million less people went to the polls and voted GOP than in 2002.In this historical election every single vote counts and atleast need is to bring these 11 million people out of their homes and convince them to vote .
The reason they did not vote was their grievances against government ,political scenario and they were totally confused .To prevent the same this year The John McCain campaign has launched Voter2Voter PHONE BANK System which encourages volunteers and every responsible citizen to call people using details and data mentioned in the website .. And try convincing undecided/independent people to vote for McCain ..Now,this is working .. but not as much as expected.Reason ? , Many don’t want to call strangers ,many won’t listen to them ,some are shy,some don’t want to waste phone minutes ..

But then to every problem lies a solution ,and I discovered very simple and effective solution to the same .. Which is, use your Facebook & MySpace friend lists as your database . Now,nothing much to do .. simply start browsing your friend’s profiles ( I know many of you might be having even more than 500+ friends on the same ) and check their Political Views on Facebook ( on MySpace,he/she might/might not have mentioned about the same but then you can guess the same from stickers etc thing .. also,one might not even mention the same on Facebook even) …Then for the people with Conservative / Republican views simply skip , because they are one who will be voting for sure for McCain.Also skip friends with very liberal/Democratic views(because they have made up their mind to vote for Obama).. Task is to look for friends who have mentioned nothing ( shows they are undecided/confused)..or who are not very liberal or Independents.Target them by looking their contact numbers and call them …and here comes your speaking and convincing skills ,convincing someone undecided/independent with an advantage that he/she being your friend … Now ,many of you might be having lots of Online friends too.. and according to me,calling them wont be a bad idea from any sense .Infact sometimes Online friends prove to be more helpful and you can sometimes even share your views which you can’t do with friends in real .. That’s a fact tested by me atleast .. 😉

If the person other side is convinced ,thats really a victory for you and you can for sure ask him/her to follow what you are doing .This will create friends2friends chain which is even better than voter2voter chain system,I guess .. will help target right people,save time and minutes of your phone.
Last but not the least,you’ll develop stronger bond with friends .. May be in process you find some old friend of yours whom you did not contacted for long .. !!!
And then,you can always E-mail your friends (try BCC them ),this will work much more effectively than CC.And if you start sending emails using “To”,it will take ages if your Address book is large !!
During the chat you can talk about importance of voting and that even a single vote matters,you can mention the real story from India,where due to single vote ..the Government was dissolved and this lead to re-elections ..You can talk lots on this .. comparing several policies etc .. No limit to it .. !
Hope it helped 🙂