Let United States of America be United post Elections ..

In the most fierce/close/important elections of U.S. history .. we are witnessing as if country is dividing into two groups RED-BLUE .And for the first time people are taking it personally ,never in the past were emotions so deep .
In my personal experience ,my Democrat friends often start arguing on various issues with preset mind of not getting convinced on IM or Email .. and they get so heat up that I have to respond “cool! cool!” ,I mean this election is kind of creating difference and two set of people with different views .The latest AOL Polls show the competition is really really close where McCain : Obama ratio = 43:44 ,that means with the win of one,a big big lot will be disappointed ,which is not good actually .But having a closer look at the same we see that 43+44=87 and 100-87=13 that means 13% of U.S. population hasn’t decided yet .. now 13% is a big big figure and can not be ignored and it consists of undecided/confused/independent voters + many citizens who have decided not to vote because they just trust Government and are fed up with the Politics .
Need of the hour is to convince them to vote at least ,their every vote is going to make the difference and increase the margin of ratio ,say of 13 even if 9-10% of people turn out to vote the ratio could be highly justified as some one winning with real majority.And this must happen ,else post election at least for sometime people will have sense of grievance against opposite party supporter .
And thats not done,apart from that ,to reduce the chances of any such circumstances everybody must be polite to everybody else .. try convincing a person/friend to the extent,that he/she is listening and discussing/debating (not arguing ).Because thats kind of bad,it will be kind of intrusion to his/her beliefs .
The thing is that right President will be chosen only when all people turn out to vote .Try taking care of not pushing your views on someone.Do it until he/she encourages the same and loves to participate in healthy discussion .Do not ever point out your friends etc as Democrats/Republicans especially not in front of them.Remember ,these are just parties ..you might want to call them as liberals/conservatives of course .Because these are views ..These simple steps will help lessening the grievances post elections against opposite party supporter .
In this post,I wasn’t supporting McCain or Obama ,I just foresaw the situation after Nov4’08 and wanted to discuss with you people so that things continue to move as they are normally .
Hope it helps …


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