Female volunteer for McCain assaulted by Obama supporter with a stick – Few Comments !!

After reading the news from Pajamas Media on “Obama Supporter Assaults Female McCain Volunteer in New York” .I thought of commenting on the same ,share my thoughts and show you some of the “WORTH CONSIDERING” Comments of 970+ Comments on the original news post.
This is not the AMERICA,I know .. America is all about respecting everybody’s views/wills and wishes.One of the most Democratic country of world – America,is witnessing pretty indecent and unexpected incidents during the campaign this time.. while some might say this was expected as this election is going to decide America’s next leader ,leader who will take it out of current crisis and several other issues.. But guess Obama supporters take it more seriously and took path of violence to show the same,so wise of them ? huh !!

After the incident in New York ,with the victim many were upset and that showed up in a huge 970+ comments on original news post .Some of them I would like to point out ..

*- 7.Jay says : “My advice is, go to WalMart and buy a gun. Regardless of who wins this election trouble is going to erupt,particularly in urban areas……”

*-12. paulejb says :”Think it’s bad now? If Obama is elected his storm troopers will terrorize anyone who criticises his policies. Want to spend four years being called a “racist” for voicing your opinion vote Obama.”

*-44. The Oracle:says : “If Obama loses, be preparded to defend this country from the radical left leaning liberal socialists… don’t run away, run out and fight them and drop them where they stand .”
*-50. Chris says : “I wouldn’t put a NOBAMA sticker on my car, the anarchists in my East Village NYC neighborhood would harm the car on the first night.”

*-633. Concerned says : ” .. I expect the blacks to riot because of course they are all animals… Big mistake to attack me is all I can say ..”

And the list goes on ………….


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