Harmeet understands Small Business ! – So,even if you are a Democrat,you might want to read this ..

In my last post on Harmeet I told about Harmeet,about her Republican Views and her stand for McCain-Palin ticket.
When I researched more about Harmeet,I found her that she is not just another candidate .She is THE CANDIDATE ,most eligible for the seat she is running for.San Francisco is the heart of Startups of every kind – Technology,Web to what not .. And the good news is that Harmeet herself runs her Law Based Firm ,she is herself a small-business owner who makes payroll,manages and grows business ,provides benefits to her employees because she understand the need of the same,provides quality service to clients while guiding them through the thickets of government regulation .As I said she is not just another candidate who have spent decades as politicians as government payroll and being the part of problem ,not the solution .She understands the impact of regulations on business as a consumer and trusted advisor and with her experience into the same she is capable of making best decisions .
Its often said,to understand a person,wear his/her boots and see from his/her perspective ,only then one can understand his/her needs and views .Harmeet knows this well and she actually understands the needs of Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners/managers.How ? Well,She herself owns one ! And her long experience into the same is going to benefit people of SF.
With the problem of Unemployment everywhere Small Business is the best way to secure future of one’s life and help others get employment .In the list of Harmeet’s area of expertise, tops the Employment Law …So,do you think anybody else even competes closer ,when it comes to who deserves the office ?
Friends,its time to think and decide on the basis of candidate and not Party alone .I would like you to atleast give 5-10 minutes and see opponent of Harmeet and compare yourself as in who actually deserves the seat,the office .For a moment forget you are favoring Democrat or for that matter anybody and just compare 2 candidates,2 people for the important office,upon which depends the near future of SF.Its important because even today many people blindly vote on the basis of Party they have been favoring for all that time they have been eligible for the same.But,this is not way to run democracy,democracy means in simple words ” let the most eligible person win ” .
In words of Jawaharlal Nehru (India’s first prime minister ),he saidDemocracy means tolerance ,tolerance not merely of those who agree with us ,but of those who do not agree with us .So! rightly said !! ..
So,what are you waiting for .. My verdict is Harmeet ! and I am sure after a self survery by you with you ..your verdict won’t differ from mine .You can help Harmeet’s campaign by contributing here .Just do it,I’ll say the Nike way .. You don’t need to be a millionaire or someone big to contribute.Harmeet is a very down to earth person and appreciates every $ of yours.
Last but not the least,Judge the person by his/her virtues not his/her background of Party or anything else.I say this because many Democrats find it tough ,by shifting and voting for a Republican .So,whats the solution ? Forget the party system and see the person whom you really want to be in the Office.
Go Harmeet !! Go McCain-Palin !!


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  1. Gary on

    Man,I think I’ll consider giving a second thought..I have been a long time Democrat though ,but what you said is actually appealing .

  2. […] representing California’s 13th District.This is kind of my 3rd post for her ,earlier being here and here .The reason why she is amongst my favorite is that she respects Entrepreneurship and is […]

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