Harmeet K. Dhillon for California State Assembly !

Harmeet K. Dhillon is a Republican candidate for State Assembly in California’s 13th District.The district which includes San Francisco neighborhoods of North Beach,Pacific Heights,Russian Hill,Nob Hill,the Financial District,SOMA,the Mission,Bayview and Hunters point ,the district which Harmeet calls her home now.Born in India and raised in the UK, New York and North Carolina Harmeet is truly a global citizen.
Having her education done from University of Virginia & Dartmouth College ,today she is the founder of Dhillon & Smith LLP and was awarded the prestigious “Best Lawyers Under 40” honor by the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association.Apart from this she posses lots more titles and awards in her basket.
Now what really forced me to praise about her is her debate with Ro Khanna ,a Democrat and the way she spoke on ” John McCain – A Reflection of Our Values “ , every word of which is so truthful and influential that it can force a hardcore Democrat to rethink if he/she is doing right being a Democrat. Harmeet is one of the smartest women in Politics who understands that U.S. is at a crossroads of financial uncertainty in the markets, ever-increasing budget deficits and federal spending, an ongoing mortgage crisis threatening American homes, world terror and war in the Middle East, and an energy crisis.At the same time the world face new opportunities for cross-border trade, clean energy, global growth in technology and new industries, and an increasingly multicultural and pluralistic world.
I agree with her when she says “In America you could study hard, work hard, act responsibly, and ultimately achieve success”,this certainly means that America is and will be Land of Opportunities for times to come.
She brings some of the most important issues to desk and ready to discuss on the same like Free trade and outsourcing,Illegal immigration,Security and says “The Republican Party has always been an advocate of lower taxes on all classes of society, smaller government, less regulatory burdens on small businesses, and the promise of a rising economic tide that lifts all boats, not a zero-sum game of class warfare such as that advocated by Obama and Joe Biden, who seek to pit the lower and middle classes against “the rich.””.
Harmeet is one of few candidates who actually have got genuine reasons ,as to why she is needed to represent people.I believe in Harmeet’s success in November and it further proves that Indian Americans have directly benefited from Republican administrations at the highest levels with maximum number of Indians in Bush Administartion than any Administration in past, Bobby Jindal being popular Governor of Louisiana and U.S.-India Nuclear deal being signed up.
Go Harmeet !!.. Go McCain/Palin !!!!


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  1. Parminder Kaur Dhillon on

    Great write up!

  2. […] California’s 13th District.This is kind of my 3rd post for her ,earlier being here and here .The reason why she is amongst my favorite is that she respects Entrepreneurship and is determined […]

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