Sandi Martinez for State Senate

Sandi Martinez

Sandi Martinez

Sandi Martinez is running for State Senate for the 3rd Middlesex District,Massachusetts,USA.
Sandi being herself self employed and owner of small business understands the problem of the same and that MA is facing tough time keeping with Excessive regulations and taxes which are causing companies to move and to expand elsewhere.
She is very keen to bring positive changes to the state of MA which includes :
1-To bring common sense to the Statehouse, and an end to the disconnect between the people and their elected representatives.
2- Fight for realistic revenue sources so that more jobs can be created and help retaining the population.
3-No “secret votes”– every vote should be recorded.
4-Fight for equitable distribution of local aid & strengthening Education Reform laws.
If you too feel what Sandi feels,you can help by contributing few minutes and get her elected in November by making calls today through their phone banks by contacting Michael Armstrong, at 978-256-5513.
By reaching out to undecided voters, one by one, you are taking a crucial step towards her victory.


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  1. Henry on

    One of my long time friends got laid off from his job in Massachusetts because the company closed the branch here. He couldn’t find another job nearby. It was necessary to move to another state to find a suitable job.

    This was very hard on the family. Their children were ripped from their schools, friends, and grandparents.

    They still haven’t been able to sell their house here due to the depressed market. So many others are in the same situation.

    I’m voting for Sandi Martinez because she is a small business person that understands the difficulties that businesses face in trying to be successful, grow, and provide jobs.

    It seems like some of our so-called “representatives” are actually trying to destroy the economy and drive jobs away. For example, the recent $500 million tax increase on businesses.

    Our current State Senator has abysmal ratings from groups like the National Federation of Independent Businesses and Associated Industries of Massachusetts.

    A couple years ago she had a ZERO percent rating from the Citizens for Limited Taxation. If you look at her recent voting record, all she can think about is trying to tax us to death.

    It’s like she’s intentionally trying to drive businesses away. She’s comfortable in her million dollar mansion in Lincoln and doesn’t understand how the regular people are struggling to get by. She loaned $65,000 to her own campaign. Most people don’t make that in a year.

  2. vaishrajan on

    Very true Henry,Small Businesses are the backbone of economy and great source of Employment opportunities.Anyone who understands that,understands the key to development.And like you I support Sandi for the same.

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