U.S. Elections’08 & Beijing Olympics’08

[Original Post on Aug13’08 at McCainNow.com]
Hi Bloggers and everybody out here, While I was browsing web,I noticed something and its just a thought and very naive which I would like to share..it MIGHT BE WEIRD but may be we can give it a try or something ,right ? I was wondering that during these days,what is the most searched thing on internet? ( especially among Americans its no more Elections ,they are kind of bored of it ) even YouTube is not being searched for Election videos anymore (much I mean)… then what is it on web ,grabbing all searches ? .. Yes,you guessed it right ! .. Its OLYMPICS !! Now,if somehow we can grab and divert searches towards your blogs,which were being searched for olympics .. That could be something really awesome .. now adding keywords like olympics in the Meta-Tags will be illegal(in the eyes of Google) untill unless we actually have something about Olympics .. …….So,what we can do is that we can start a section/blog with heading something like ” Elections,not less than Olympics” and create an analogy with Olympic games & Election as Olympics .. Both start after a gap of 4 years .. Both have teams ( here just 2 teams Obama & McCain ) Both have many players ( many congressmen and other candidates here ) Medals ( votes here ) etc etc etc .. I mean , a POLITICAL OLYMPICS thing can be started .. which works something like Real Political Games ..where a compared analysis candidate to candidate,county to county ,district to district etc etc wise .. can be done (like you can only concentrate on PA ),then total scores can show where we stand as in where McCain stands .. ? I mean something something like this .. etc etc .. Now,using Windows Movie Player,videos from text can be created and uploaded on YouTube with tags set again as Olympics .. so,we are encashing this keyword called “olympics” and using it for our purpose .. A page on MySpace can be created for this purpose,this will be something new entertaining as well as solving the purpose,what better can be ? after all elections is also kind of mega game(with a much serious intension ),where winner remains undetermined and upon whom the nation backs upon .. The Bloggers must understand the power and need of keywords/tags which is going to divert searches (choosing correct subject title is very important ) and the need to to bring new visitors and change their mindset by the skill of writing .. I hope it helps ,and this naive idea can be turned into something mature :s


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