Read People’s mind to increase Donations!- through FAQ’s

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Hello Friends,
Now,I would like to discuss something very important ,which covers Donations and Allowing people to know their candidates aspects more strongly ,its a known fact that both these things are directly proportional to each other..Its a natural fact that if next year my friend stands for Congress ,I am going to vote him/her, and donate at the same time .WHY? Because he/she is my friend and I know about him/her.Now to know about a person,there is a section called “About”,which is nothing more than modified Resume/CV.I don’t say that such a page is not needed but it should be presented in such a way that the next link which user clicks at is that of “Donate now”..There is a need of Summary to Entire website ..I hope you are getting what I mean to convey.User is very busy,no time to glance entire website ,no time to read entire Bio about the candidate.So,whats the solution ?
Solution is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) the moment,this is the best solution I could think of,I will continue thinking but FAQ is something which meets the criteria as a solution to above mentioned problems ..
Questions like :
Why should I donate for XYZ ?
I am a College student,how will XYZ benefit me?
I am not a rich guy,will donations less than $5 suffice ? (One can frame it better,and questions like this will invite MANY SMALL DONATIONS = HUGE SUM )
What are hidden traits of XYZ,about which we are unaware of ..?
Why XYZ stood for elections and entered Politics ?
list goes on ………………………..A well Framed FAQ is something equivalent to entire website,in the most presentable manner and Quickest way to browse website.It needs to read voter’s mind and reply instantaneously.All categories of voters and all possible questions they might have in mind must be considered and well thought upon to frame a mind reader FAQ,which will not only build trust for that candidate but get him/her votes and donations.

Let me know,what you feel about the same.Thanks !

Rajan Vaish

Email/IM: vaishrajan


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