More Donations- The Need Of The Hour !

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Hello Friends,

As time is passing by and camapaign speeding up,need for money is felt.Big and famous candidates might be able to get donations needed to keep their campaign running.But still many are falling short of money,may be by small margin.

I propose an addition in their websites,as I have known that Tax reforms is strength of many candidates,but sadly I guess not many are encashing the same effectively.Here is what I have to say i.e few IDEAS :

1-Sentence framing must be very influential ,i mean short sentence type things like : “Loosen your pockets now,to weigh them more latter”,these sentences are kind of catchy..and fits well when it comes to Tax schemes .
2-Case Studies:I enjoy it and I am sure people do that too,when you say TAX Reforms and stuff,people fail to actually visualize how they will be benefited and to what extent.REMEMBER,Our aim is not only to get donations from Rich people but from middle class and poor (I wonder,if these classes exist in US too ? ) too.Middle class will donate only when they feel it really important and part of their regular expenditure..for that they need to SEE and not just READ or HEAR,So we need to SHOW them,by taking a real case scenario..where a simple family with annual income $xxxxx,now show them with very simple mathematical calculations (In fact a small gadget can be made,where user enters his salary and gets to know approximate idea of TAX he/she might pay…under that Candidate’s session and the difference if Opponent is elected – The application will be simple JAVASCRIPTING to be embedded in a page)..This is small step to take,but i believe that when they SEE ,it will for sure have a different effect and this will attract money from all class of people,which is the need of the hour..

Let me know,what do you think about the same..because its about SEEING than just HEARING and READING ! Thanks !


AIM: vaishrajan


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