Let’s Get This Right – How to convince people who did not vote in Nov’06. ?

[Original Post on June29’08 at McCainNow.com]
From the description of LET’S GET THIS RIGHT (LGTR) > “We are asking you to reach out to the 11 million “republicans” who stayed home in November 2006 and turned the Senate over to Harry Reid and the Congress to Nancy Pelosi.” – The question is why did this happen ?
Well,there might be some unavoidable reasons like illness , traveling, urgent work but then 11 Million ? Hence,the reason seems something else,and what I can figure out is that people are mad at Govt,they are not satisfied,they don’t trust any party now & biggest of all they don’t realize value of every single vote casted.
Solution? = Develop trust among them and show that John McCain is man of “Character, Courage, and Experience.” .. But how ?

1-Prove that Govt. has never been idle and always worked for the benefit of everybody,at the same time show what more new Govt./President will be doing for them.Best way to do this is by including a section in the LGTR where a user chooses his/her profession,his/her location and sees what was done by the current Govt for them which benefited them(and which they just ignored because they were virtually mad at it) at the same time show what plans new President has in future for them.Allowing posts by real people under same category where they can share their experiences as how Republican party has benefited them,will further create an interactive scene.

2-What do you do when you are mad at someone ? you yell !,you shout ! but after shouting you don’t feel same as before,i.e it sometimes helps you getting relax and opens your mind to accept facts ! Something like that can be done too.- A SHOUT BOX ,yes !! ,it will be a cool way to display grievances (not just submit grievances ,but post grievances) and next it will be the duty of dedicated Republican supporters to reply every Shout and justify/convince them(remember – every single vote is important).This might be bit risky though,as grievances might get abusive in nature(such posts will be auto deleted,scanning some unwanted words present).This for sure will help people build trust amongst people.(Applications like Online Debate,Essay writing competition-on Burning issues can be thrown too )
Last but not the least,spread word about LGTR (specially to all those,who did not cast their vote last time and are your friends/live by neighborhood etc..)……. So,LET’S GET THIS RIGHT!!!


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