IDEAS for MONEY generation for McCain’s campaign

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Hello Friends,

Money is a very important factor, the more money you have,more free you are to express and implement the plans.

There are some means of generating money,which i saw in this website and others i.e asking for donations and buying McCain’s schwag.However there is something which can be done,which requires not even a cent from user’s pocket but results in great money collection,its called GOOGLE AdSense .

For web novices : Google AdSense is a program which gives you money for allowing to place ads in your website.Its a very smart technology and pays you more,if you get more clicks/hits to your website and shows very relevent ads.For more information message me or search wikipedia or ,its something very common and many times while browsing web you might have come across the same.

Now,I propose that such a service can be used to serve our purpose,i.e generating money for McCAIN .What can be done is that,we have this link to LINKS (on the top of ),which is still being constructed as more websites are being added,best thing is allow users to post websites,i.e creating URL library for McCAIN’s websites/blogs/stores etc etc (user added content is the best way to increase contents ) which can be well categorized and searchable.Now what actually is in my mind is that this LINK ( on the top of ) redirects to an entirely new website which is actually the URL library i was talking about,and this page/URL can be subscribed to Google AdSense ..And the name LINK can be changed to ( or perhaps display information on mouse hover) something like “CLICK TO DONATE,WITHOUT ACTUALLY DONATING”,now all the users when will click here,it will increase the hit rate of the website and hence the Google will see it as a popular website and place more ads (ofcourse with website owner’s permission)..more ads means more money ! And all the money earned(it can be $5000/month too ) can be redirected to the funds being collected for official McCain’s campaign .

A question might arise in your mind,that when such a thing can be done on any website..why not on the home page of this website or most popular website for McCAIN ? the answer is that this gives a bad impression actually,American Universities’ websites recieve so many hits per day,per minute but they don’t subscribe to Google AdSence because,it does not gives a good impression to be frank..Hence thought of this .Thanks !

Please Post your comments in case you have to say something or find flaws.I can be directly reached through Email/IM ..Thanks !


IM/Email : vaish.rajan{@}


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