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Hello Friends,

I am Rajan here,a Computer Science Major from India and would like to contribute to this campaign for McCain and see him victorious.In this blog,I present you a set of IDEAS some of which which I would like to develop or perhaps would like them to be developed for the good cause.I guess when these Ideas are embedded in this website,it will attract more viewers who would be keen to be member of the same.

Here I present a few :

1 ) Start a separate category in blog,namely “Republicans in my Life ” where People can post their personal experiences .. as in the way they were benefited by a Republican govt than a Democrat, say benefited by some policies which were brought under Republican govt.This will show effect of the same in common people/citizens (you may ask for occupation , this will give a glimpse of what category was benefited most ).

2 ) An Essay Competition can be organized (word limits -say 500 or something ) .and the person winning will be rewarded with McCain’s autograph or something .competition can be weekly basis and judged by users itself .Burning and important topics like :
->WAR FOR PEACE -showing positive points of wars for peace and humanity .
->US RECESSION – how Republicans helped getting over it ?
->OBAMA’s war with HILLARY – I mean highlighting this point,that when they keep fighting among themselves,how will they together lead the nation?I mean when they both being democrats are not UNITED,how will they run UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ?

Many topics can be invited from the users itself.

3 ) ONLINE DEBATE – This is going to hit mass if implemented well. There are many IM softwares which can be embedded in this website or perhaps one can rent it from MEEBO or can rent a channel on an IRC (Internet Relay Chat – if you are unfamilier with the same,ask me details or check this website ) or some other CHAT ROOM SERVICE type .What can be done is that daily on first come first serve basis few people which form a team or something and then debate …People can view it run time i.e LIVE ,or it can be private if its one on one and if desired by debators (the chat will be logged ).. and good debate discussions can latter be posted on Website ,this will create great interest in both debating people and the readers of the same ..The race to debate(since it will be first come first serve ,will get lots of hits to this website)
rajan: *********************
This format is actally being loved by people(the comics style),some rewards like autographs etc can be given too .

4 ) Truth or Dare – Surpised? what is this game doing in ? Well to develop interest among the users I have just changed the name,i.e wrapped offline debating comcept into this Game format and name..Name matters !! What can be done is that users can Post a truth,a fact which he/she always wanted to tell people and now he/she dares other users to prove it wrong(this is dare),other users can opt for truth and can support the motion by adding another truth for the same post/topic.This will create ultimate excitment ..I understand that this site is for McCAIN’s supporters and few will speak against,but I am also sure at the same time that to have a look in the happenings of this website few democrats are its member too,and well ! an open discussion is something really important ,no human is perfect,so there is always a possibility to debate,hot issues can be brought up in an entertaining way. etc etc .

5 ) A tool can be created where one side shows Agendas and Promises done by the Republicans and Democrats during their respective govts and then the percentage of work they actually implemented by the end of their tenure.This will give a more fair and clear idea of Republican’s winning edge over Democrats .No statistics work needed to be done,it can be made run using user content i.e users will be the one who will add the data and tool will keep the calculations updated.

6 )Feature like tell a friend,though SMS can also be embedded .

7 )Work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) needs to be done more,so that instead of tell/invite a friend people searching for something on Web for McCAIN gets to know about this website.

8 ) Report it ! – An application or a page dedicated to the same where users can tell something happening in their locality ,which is important and people must know about the same..But News Channel or Newspaper fail to cover it.One can also post the same remaining Anonymous .This is a great way to express things,which generally people avoid and scared off.

I will be posting my IDEAS on generating Money for McCAIN in my next blog entry using Google Adsense. Keep looking for the same.And please post comments if you found any flaws,I will get back to same and try defending those.Thanks !

I can also be reached through Email and IM.Thanks !


Email/IM :


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