Few Blogging Tips !

[Original Post on July15’08 at McCainNow.com]
Hi everyone,Though many of you are professional bloggers out here and much much experienced than me,but still I would like to drop few tips which might help your blog coming up in Google Search.
1-Title the article ,as if a person might be using those keywords for searching something.Generalize the same.Just get into the boots of visitors and think what keywords you might be using to search something which your article contains and this will give you title of article.Adding TAGS to the same is very important and add maximum of them ( all Nouns at least).
2- You can improve the rank of your blogs by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to your blog .For example , Letsgetthisright.com is soon gaining high popularity with 80,000 hits (and Google does not ignores it),so if somehow your blog is linked from LGTR,you will get a high rank in Google search for sure….Plus help others to be helped,collaborate to rise high where I mean that post links to other similar blogs and ask others to post link to your blog (its a collaborative process based on mutual understanding and the aim to achieve common goals. ) . To make picture more clear see this : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PageRank ( SEE only the IMAGE and the TEXT below it — no need to go through entire content ).
3-Use/Write unique stuff .. I mean something about which stuff does not exist on web .. or may be you can use double meaning words … for ex : ” PALIN EXPOSED ” ,exposed is something used for negative meaning generally and many people to know more about Palin might be searching using this set of keyword I am for sure .. but ENGLISH says that Exposed simply means,that “to make known, disclose, or reveal (intentions, secrets, etc.).” , now here you can tell positive points,her agendas etc etc about her …….Its kind of strategy used by many .. the Double Meaning Word Strategy to catch attention..
I hope it helped a bit at least.If it did? ,then Let’s Get This Right !!
Rajan .


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